Modern Midrange Synergy

by blazeafj on 05 December 2016

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Deck Description

I was trying to make a budget deck that would be competitive in Modern, while abusing Grafted Wargear.
The first decision I made was to go black and black only - that way I didn't have to worry about spending money in the manabase. Then I remembered Nether Traitor: It has Haste, Recursion and Evasion (Shadow); it's the perfect man for the artifact.
There were some cards that I didn't ponder leaving out: Duress, our only hope for artifacts and enchantments (our greatest weakness); Mutilate, the best budget mono black sweeper; Geralf's Messenger, so much pressure in one card especially in this deck.
I made some personal choices like Smallpox. This card feeds the Tombstalker, can put traitors in the graveyard (turning into card advantage), trigger Tragic Slip's ability Morbid, kill our Persecutor or slow their game down on turn 2 - the last one being my favourite. Sign in Blood is a good draw engine and can kill your opponent.
Why Viscera Seer - you ask. I wanted a card good enough to put pressure on the board from turn one, while considering that it would probably die on turn two (from smallpox, most probably). This card is not only good early game but also in the late game, making me drop vault skirge from the deck.
Some good synergies in this deck are:
-Nether Traitor can come back from Geralf's Messenger's death - which may trigger Undying -, Viscera Seer's sacrifices, Grafted Wargear's unattachment ability or even another Nether Traitor. This means constant pressure on board, especially with Grafted Wargear;
-Board Sweepers don't slow us down, they can actually win us the game. This can be done directly by killing Persecutor or indirectly by feeding our graveyard for our delver, our traitor comebacks or Viscera Seer's sacrifices;
-Smallpox and Tombstalker, that card usually gives us three cards to exile in turn two;
-Grafted Wargear and Geralf's Messenger: It becomes a huge body twice and it can almost instantly make the opponent loose 4 life points, so you can kill him with Sign in Blood :p
-Tragic Slip is hard not to play with Morbid being triggered, except for turn one. Don't underestimate this card; even with all the infect deck pumps this card can kill a creature.

Strong deck points:
-Incredible Synergies;
-Lots of evasion (fliers, shadow);
-Easy creature control, making it good for Modern;

Weak deck points:
-Vulnerable to Dredge, Artifacts and Enchantments;
-No life gain. May loose to burn;
Our sideboard should cover these holes - suggestions accepted!

How to Play

Ordered by preferred cards to play (generic approach):
T1: Duress, Viscera Seer;
T2: Nether Traitor, Smallpox, Sign in Blood
T3: Grafted Wargear, Smallpox, Sign in Blood, Geralf's Messenger
T4: Geralf's Messenger, Abyssal Persecutor and so on.

This is merely an example. The best advice I can give you is: try to make the most out of your cards, even for a midrange deck.

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Deck discussion for Modern Midrange Synergy

Would definitely go for Yahenni's Expertise even if it has a lower kill rate it is able to put something directly on the board again so makes also preasure

Posted 07 December 2016 at 08:06