Commander - Mayael's Veredict

by Canita on 18 May 2014

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Deck Description

GRW Mayael Commander Deck.

> Disclaimer <

The reason why I uploaded my personal Commander decklist isn't to promote the idea of having someone build the same exact thing (especially considering how much one would have to invest with the cards I've selected and own) but rather for one to understand what is possible to accomplish when taking the Mayael Commander route:
What type of gameplay would you experience, what it offers and fundamentally, how much >Fun< it is to play.
I hope that by uploading my personal decklist I'm influencing more people to try out the Commander format due to how much fun and social hangouts it provides. Even tho I've spent a lot of time perfecting my very own deck, Commander is not a format you can brute-force, its not made to be a one deck dominant theme, but rather to have a laugh at the amounts of strategies that would never see play in any other format any other way.
Maybe I'm influencing someone to take the Mayael route, maybe you're perfecting a Mayael deck and wish to learn and understand what upgrades and routes are suited for you. Regardless I'm just glad to provide everyone with a detailed decklist and bellow I'll show key strategies and cards that should be considered when building for a Mayael Commander themed Deck.

> Overall Deck Analysis <

The list is composed of some of the most iconic cards in the Magic the Gathering History as well as some very Commander oriented cards kept in the mix. It should come to no surprise this deck ain't cheap, however for what it does, it holds its ground pretty well. In addition, being a Mayael centered deck allows for a RNG feel to it, making every moment unique and fun to experience.
Built for your everyday Commander social encounter: Seeing the spectacle of pulling in creatures with Mayael (even more so when you can control which creatures you want her to pull), whilst catching your opponents off-guard from the outcomes you can trigger every turn (Theirs included), is but a joy to see and is certainly what makes this commander very unique and perfect for social encounters.

Shall you carefully look and analyze the decklist Its composed, these cards were carefully selected and tested to ensure you have a very complex net of possibilities as to how you wish to play, which is where it shines best as it's after all : Commander, having a multitude of options that cover lots of ground is generally what you'd seek in a multiplayer environment.

[Last updated : 26/04/2017]
Protean Hulk got Unbanned - Commander Players Rejoice!

From Amonkhet added:
Aven Mindcensor - for further control

How to Play

>Setting Up<

We're rolling a Mayael themed deck, Mayael being a very unique Commander with the ability to look at the top 5 cards and pull into the battlefield a creature card whose power is 5+ (who cannot be counterspelled and can enter the battlefield on your opponents turn for extra value).

Pros: Mayael allows for a fast board engagement with creatures impacting the board nearly every turn.

Faults: Its a deck that is susceptible to board control and as such, you'll be working to overcome this weakness.

With this in mind you have two goals to reinforce and further amplify Mayael's ability:

1) Make it possible to use her ability several times, via Seedborn Muse and Sword of Feast and Famine, this way you can both summon directly creatures from your hand, using Mayael's ability on your turn and an additional time on your opponents turn;

2) Manipulating your top 5 cards, this is made possible via Cream of the Crop, Crystal Ball, Scroll Rack, Sylvan Library, Worldly Tutor and Enlightened Tutor (who also words for Enchantment creatures).

Note: Cream of the Crop is, paired up with Seedborne Muse the two best sources you can have on the battlefield.
Cream of the Crop works insanely well when combined with Mayael's ability to pick a creature, as one influence's the other's result, etc.
If you combine it, say, Tokens Cream of the Crop becomes unstoppable and as you might have already guessed creatures such as Omnath & Utvara Hellkite among others benefit you greatly.
Seedborn Muse allows you to exploit the Commander Multiplayer benefits as it allows you to use Mayael's ability once per players turn.
These two cards together are staples that excels into making Mayael outshine many other Commander gameplay strategies you might encounter.

Once you've set the wheel in motion, You'll want to tap into Mayael's full potential and unleash havoc:

1) First and foremost, you should seek to destabilize your opponent from interfering with your gameplay.
Voice of Resurgence, Dromoka, Grand Abolisher, Linvala, Aven, Avacyn, Vorinclex, Cavern of Souls, among others work well to preserve your board;

2) Interfering with your opponents field, open up Mayael's range of options and summon creatures who can directly disable your opponents:
Angel of Serenity, Gruul Ragebeast, Admonition Angel, Terastodon, Warstorm Surge;

3) Have card advantage, not only to provide you with more answers, but also gives you a bigger rangepool for your Elvish Pipper to work with:
Sword of Fire and Ice, Elemental Bond, Oracle of Mul Daya, Selvela, Sylvan Library, Nissa, Survival of the Fittest;

4) Engage in all out combat, swarm the field and unleash havoc with combo cards: Warstorm Surge, Gisela, Gruul Ragebeast, Utvara Hellkite, Omnath, Balefire Dragon, Ulamog, etc.

If you keep your priorities straight, you'll soon notice that the deck keeps accelerating the more key cards you're able to get on-board, additionally you'll be building defense layers that make your board harder to control.
Keep this mentality throughout your plays and you'll soon get all the ammunition you need to keep up endlessly pulling creatures into the battlefield.
Additionally, more than 1/3 of the deck is composed of cards which allows you to Creature / Enchantment/ Equip Search with the addition of Ramp, Scry and Draw to ensure you are never locked down without cards to play and allowing the deck to move that much faster
(Considering the lack of blue, this deck does hold itself fairly well in terms of card advantage), this way, you'll be able to abuse Mayael's power, dry your deck from the excess lands, and fundamentally have more control over the entire deck.
The rest is up to you to understand which creatures are the most fundamental on-board and how to best take advantage of them.

>Creatures & You <

As mentioned, creatures are Mayael's signature, and so I've made the deck packed with overwhelming creatures as to take advantage from such feature. The moment you get her on board, you'll be bringing on the spectacle of seeing what she'll pull into the battlefield.
So, being this is a multiplayer format you need to have answers for a wide range of scenarios and with this in mind (and having experienced a whole lot of diversity of commanders and strategies), I selected creatures that would overall always impact the board in some fashion. These abilities range from:

Mass Creature Indestructibility;
Non Creature Removal;
Mass Creature removal;
Anti-Spells (Cast from your opponents cards during your turn);
6 mana (or less) Creature Tutor;
Turn Freeze for Attacks / Spells cast for your opponents;
Double Mana Generation for yourself & Land freeze for your opponents;
Double Damage dealt & Halve Damage taken;
Damage Prevention & +1/+1 for each damage prevented this way;
Creature Fight Enabler;
Haste & Power up;
Artifact Takeover;
Gy Recycle & Annihilator 4;

In total there's 18 Creatures you're able to pick, (around 90% chance of success with Mayaels ability if considering 5 picks per 100), all of them hold the potential to heavily impact the board in your favor.
Personally speaking, I've seen a whole lot of decks pulling 20+ creatures, but I feel if there's one thing you do not wish to face is having your hand flooded with creatures you're mostly stuck with, it disables you from a smooth gameplay and personally speaking, I ain't a fan of rushing into creatures whose power is strong but the backlash of having them stuck in your hand just makes them disrupt your gameplay capabilities.
Remember creatures can be counterable, Mayael ignores this by getting them into the field, so if you're to manually summon a creature you should set yourself up disappointment in-case things don't go as expected.
This is why I feel having a smooth lineup of creatures, all of them with a smooth mana curve and at the same time all of them very powerful, syncing up with one another on a deck that allows you to transition very well both with cards in hand and manipulating your results is when I feel you're making the most out of your decklist and not solely relying on your Commander to make every absolute thing happen.

However, as this is something that is still bound to happen, there's a few solutions that'll make it that much easier for you to interact with your creatures:

1) Survival of the Fittest: Discard creatures you're not able to summon (or just clog your hand) and find a more suiting creature;
2) Scroll Rack: Swap a heavy creature into the top of your deck and thus allowing for Mayael to pick it up;
3) Elvish Piper: For one mana allows you to directly place a creature in the battlefield;
4) Cavern of Souls: Provides you with a subtype creature the prevention from being Counterspelled;
5) Dromoka & Grand Abolisher will unsure your turns go unbothered.

> Last Thoughts <

Should you give it a go, you'll soon notice the deck is keen on providing you solutions no matter the situation you are in - That's this decks beauty - and the fun value of playing it is just glimmering with potential.
You'll be drafting yourself a holy grail of cards each time you use Mayael, either to get something on board or just to ease up the cards you draw, You'll feel as if you're driving on a highway. Every pick matters and absolutely nothing goes to waste.

Enjoy and do leave a comment if you wish to bring up new possibilities you believe could further fuel it up, I do make an effort to look out new cards and possibilities they can unlock, and as a result I do update the decklist whenever I feel there's a card that outperforms something in the list, making adjustments as it needs be so the deck stays consistent with its traits and goals.
Also, I'm more than open and even thrilled as to discuss proper strategies and gameplay with whoever fancies leaving a reply ~ (;

Have any ideas or suggestions you feel could further add up to a Mayael Commander ? If so then feel free to and lets get this discussion going. Cheers & I eagerly wait listening from you o/

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