by duller on 15 February 2017

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Deck Description

Commander: Phenax, God of Deception.
Mill the opponent, have him discard his hand, and torment him with his own spells and creatures.

Serum Visions
Inquisition of Kozilek
Waste Not
Piracy Charm
Funeral Charm
Liliana's Caress
Shrieking Affliction
Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver
Sygg, River Cutthroat
Dragonlord Silumgar
Abyssal Nocturnus
Abyssal Specter
Blizzard Specter
Hypnotic Specter
Liliana's Reaver
Raiders' Wake

How to Play

With my friends, we play a variant of Commander:
- 60 cards, Modern legal.
- Singleton, except multicoloured lands (scry, lifegain, bounce, triple, slow fetch)
- Fear, Intimidate, Landwalk => Menace.
- 2 commanders, one legendary creature, one planeswalker, playable from turn 5 only.
- Both commandeers always go to the graveyard and in exile. At the end of your turn, you may move them from exile to the graveyard or from the graveyard to the command zone.
- Below 100$ low-tcg.

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  • Dimir
  • Mill
  • Modern
  • Singleton

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  • Legal in Vintage
  • Legal in Legacy

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