Brotherhood without Manners

by Kintoki on 12 October 2017

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Deck Description

A basic white weenie-heavy deck with some lifegain on the side(it's hard to build whiteout having at least SOME lifegain)

Odric spreads the abilities of creatures to others, so I added some equipments and creatures with all kinds of abilities. With more money at hand later, I'll try to add some restricting effects like Grand abolisher and Ghostly prison etc.

Name of the deck came from Game of Thrones. Odric kinda sounds and looks like(if you reeeaaally squint your eyes) Beric Dondarrion, so I named this after his merry gang of Rh'llor worshippers, the Brotherhood without Banners.

How to Play

Attacking is heavily emphasized here, but situational cards like Hold the Line and Moment of silence are meant to save my hide if an opposite board has stuff I can't let through.

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  • EDH
  • Mono White
  • Casual
  • Weenie

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  • Not Legal in Standard
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