Draw Step Lapse

by MrUnbelievable on 16 December 2016

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Deck Description

- Inspired by Duels 2014 Two Headed Giant | "Masks of Dimir" + "Dodge & Burn" -

Put all of it on top
Win easily with 2/2s :)

What about {Cabal Inquisitor}?
Any win-cons you know?

How to Play

Just imagine... Memory Lapse into Chittering Rats in a format like Pauper...

The massive amount of filthy, annoying bouncers supports this theme and consequently worsens the opponent's situation.
At one point, 2for1 them with either {Ashes to Ashes} or {Consult the Necrosages} and win the game by attacking.

I need to splash green and white to be somewhat efficient, resulting in many, many tapped dual lands. While gaining life off of them is good in control, sequencing correctly becomes key.

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