Zero to Sixty (Power Wheels)

by ~Nathan_A~ on 09 January 2017

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Deck Description

Some 1-drops don't do too much early game, but have a reservoir of power just waiting to be tapped into. This deck utilizes those cheapies to "crew" vehicles at turn 3 and start dishing out heavy damage. Power, Wheels, Haste.

How to Play

Since most of the 1-drops in here can't do much of anything right away, keep them on standby until turn 3 or 4. You should have a bounce land in hand starting the game, so on turn 2, after playing another 1-drop, put it out. On turn 3, play either a vehicle or something that bestows haste. Depending on what combination of cards you started with, you could be dealing 7 damage or so on turn 3. The "crew" doesn't need haste to tap for the vehicle the turn it is cast, so really it's as simple as pumping out efficient power crews, playing more vehicles, and giving them haste.

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  • Power
  • Vehicle
  • Mono Red
  • Budget

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  • Not Legal in Standard
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