Infinite Life Gain & Life Loss..

by planestalker on 17 March 2011

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First Combo is Quillspike + Devote Druid + Rite of Consumption

You tap Devoted Druid for mana, then untap it and put a -1/-1 counter on it. You then use the G mana you tapped it for for Quillspike’s ability. You repeat this process an infinite number of times. Now your Quillspike is an X/X, where X is the biggest number you can think of. Now you simply use Rite of Consumption for infinite life gain and infinite life loss for opponent.

Second Combo is Shuku or Nomads en-Kor + Daru Spiritualist + Starlit Sanctum

Use Shuku or Nomads en-Kor to target Daru Spiritualist infinite numbers of times to increase toughnes to infinity then sacrifice to Starlit Sanctum

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Deck discussion for Infinite Life Gain & Life Loss Deck

Too bad sanguine bond costs so much to cast

Posted 17 March 2011 at 15:15


Interesting point about sanguine bond maybe five mana isn't too bad if you use 4 dark rituals and 4 culling the weak. C

Check out version 2.0 of this deck that using sanguine bond.
Deck link:

Posted 18 March 2011 at 10:37