Wizard EDH

by Rayearth on 29 December 2016

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Deck Description

Wizard tribal draw based deck.

How to Play

There are several ways to utilize drawing in this deck. Isochron Scepter, Dramatic Reversal, and any blue producing mana rock can create infinite mana in which you can use Azami to draw up your entire deck and cast anything you want. Laboratory Maniac is one of the win conditions. Psychosis Crawler is also a win condition. I prefer using Enter the Infinite plus Laboratory Maniac due to how early it can be done. Unnatural Selection plus Peer Pressure can dramatically change your board state in your favor. You can also Draw someone out of cards with Tomoya the Revealer's ability. Flipping Jushi Apprentice should be really easy to flip. Sphinx's Tutelage is also a pretty decent way to win with especially if you have Alhammaret's Archive and Consecrated Sphinx out and Forced Fruition.

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  • Wizard
  • Infinite Combo
  • Draw
  • Commander

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