Nahiri, the Lithomancer edh

by WhiteRyder on 07 July 2015

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Deck Description

My EDH real life deck

SB is for french/dual commander, cards to remove:
Sublime Exhalation
Cleansing Meditation
Patrician's Scorn
Tempest of Light
sol ring

How to Play

Always have a scary (death touch etc) blocker up first, then board wipe (10 cards) and use nahiri to replace blocker straight away with the auto equip. all mana ramp is under 3 mana as only need to ramp to 5. Kaldra combo is easy with 7 search cards, ands its epic fun as so difficult to stop. Nearly all creatures are CA so they can be wiped without it being a problem, deck really focuses on the fact that the commander isnt affected by bored wipes.

March17: Won an 8 man duel tourny w/o siding in my 1on1 cards. I beat brago, drew with rakdos (time limit, was quite even except opponent had 1 life) and beat azami (dirty blue deck)

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  • Mono White
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