Sliver Calling

by WhiteRyder on 16 June 2015

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Deck Description

eladamri deck core cards:
4x crystalline (best card)
12x muscle (+2 phantasmal image)
4x gale
4x vial
20x land
2-4x eladamris call (with not too many unique targets)

eladamri deck good creatures to consider:
Hibernation sliver - wins us games v slow decks and board wipes, acn help with chump and jump too. But crystalline is much better in the average game.
Syphon - can be game changing in a race but i find another muscle can often be better at racing and also stricking is better defense and 1 mana
Striking - is very aggro at 1 mana (need enough red sources)
Talon - is a powerful combat trick with AV (but doesnt seem to happen much)
Venom - is weak at aggro but good v big creatures you can block
Root - not good as they can counter E-Call so Root is pointless (AV does job)

Leyline of Sanctity + Crystalline Sliver gives opponent lots of dead cards and means mass removal is the only way to kill them, but Hibernation Sliver & counters stop that too.

Deck is semi-budget (mainly the land), real life deck. Force of will is great but expensive, cavern of souls same story.

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Deck discussion for Sliver Calling

Last time I saw Slivers in a legacy deck, it was with Force of Will, would that be too far out of budget? It seems extremely helpful with any unfair match up and to stop Terminus. The other detail I'm wondering is the choice of Sword to plowshares over Abrupt Decay, it's probably the better option for interactive spell, mana permitting.

Also, I think your missing some of the more important slivers, Blur for haste, for life gain, I think Darkheart sliver is more useful, paired maybe with Green Sun's Zenith perhaps. Diffusion Sliver for more protection and ups the count for blue cards on Force of Will.

Necrotic Sliver seems great for dealing with weird permanents, Telekinetic can lock people out and fuel Force.

And in the mana base, Cavern of Souls would be best, but for budget I can understand the lack, but Sliver Hive seems like a must include.

Posted 17 February 2017 at 15:31


Yes force is needed to beat unfair decks but is out of budget, cavern also is too much but like hive it can make casting eladamris call difficult (4 mutavaults already). I like the idea of decay but also feel 2 instead of 1 mana is often the difference in games. Also I only have 6 black sources (AV helps cast red n black slivers if needed). Harmonic sliver smashes artifact and or enchantment decks anyway. Hibernation sliver is a sweet answer to terminus btw so not worried there.necrotic is too slow compared to harmonic or just killing opponent fast with more muscle. Haste is just worst than muscle from what I have seen as they are pusdo haste anyway.

Can u explain darkheart sliver more? I don't get him, he just seems worst than syphon, maybe hes a poor answer to board wipe and removal and aslo helps with life gain? I don't get him as i say.

With 4 crystalline and 1 hibernation and 3 tutors I don't think I need diffusion as hes a weaker card.

I think GSZ is weaker here than E-Call as it offers a limited selection. I find myself mostly searching for crystalline/hibernation or galerider unless the game calls for lifegain, first strike, copy a creature or more lords.

I think I will consider swapping out manaleak from SB to decay as leyline does the job of manaleak against games that I would add I manaleak most of the time anyway, retrospective removal might br better than holding open mana for manaleak, especially if AV isn't in play.

Posted 19 February 2017 at 10:59


The reason I feel Darkheart is better over Syphon is due to requiring attacking, in some situations you can't attack in Legacy, bad blocks etc.

And against Burn or UR Delver, you might not have the option or time to get in an attack for a ton of damage to stabilize at a healthy life total. With Darkheart, it comes down, you sacrifice 1-2 random Slivers, possibly tokens off of the Hive, perhaps paired with some kind of Mana Sliver to speed that process up.

It just takes out the requirement for attacking and it guarantees 3 life per body at instant speed, which makes it seem a lot more flexible.

Posted 20 February 2017 at 01:29


good point on the burn but i feel Leyline covers me well in that matchup. im not sure about the UR delver matchup as never done it but i really dislike sac'ing slivers when they cant be counterd and have shroud anyway to protect Syphon. i think if I didnt have leyline in SB it would be worth a Darkheart v burn, ive not used leyline much in other match ups yet tbh but seems to work really well v burn.

Posted 20 February 2017 at 13:14


If Leyline is only coming in against Burn, then it probably doesn't deserve the sideboard slot, could probably just be something else that can cover several other match ups.

Posted 20 February 2017 at 14:54