Budget BW Vampires w/ Combo

by bkerrii on 14 August 2018

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Deck Description

My attempt at a rotation proof (excluding Rush of Vitality which will be replaced by Squire's Devotion post-rotation) Orzhov Vampire deck.

I'm just now getting back into Magic after a few years hiatus. After a bit of research and review, I decided I wanted to build a BW vampire deck (due to my love for life gain and Orzhov). I didn't want to build an aggro deck though, I wanted something that could maybe win by turn 7 but if it didn't, it could still come back.

The deck has yet to be play tested so I have no idea if it even works yet, however, I have purchased all the pieces (and then some) to start the process. I'll update the deck (and try to keep it as budget-friendly as possible) as time goes on. I'd really like to take this deck to mid-game but need a good mana-sink.

I have a lot of concern about dealing with flyers and big creatures but hope that Vona will come out when I need them or I'll have to sideboard in Murders and hope to life gain enough to stay in it.

Side-note: I feel like Profane Procession has a good place in this deck but haven't included it yet (but I think I might have to).

Any input/recommendations are welcome and appreciated!

How to Play

In short, you want to put down as many vampires/tokens as possible and peck them to death while gaining life. There is also an infinite combo that can help secure the win if you're lucky enough to draw into it.

I put Bishop of the Bloodstained in the sideboard to grab with Mastermind's Acquisition if you have a ton of vampires and think they will last until next turn for a big drain with Bishop.

1. Masterminds Acquisition a Sorcerer's Wand to your hand.
2. Attach Sorcerer's Wand to Famished Paladin and then hit him with Rush of Vitality.
3. Tap Famished Paladin for 1 damage to player > Gain 1 life > Untap > Repeat.

This is a very slow and late game combo as an alternate win condition. Famished Paladin and Rush of Vitality are good on their own in this deck but Sorcerer's Wand is pretty useless outside of the combo (for this deck). That being said, I decided I'd rather have the versatility of Mastermind's Acquisition than a bunch of dead Sorcerer's Wands in my hand.

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Deck discussion for Budget BW Vampires w/ Combo

For fliers what i have seen be pretty good in Standard Orzhov vampires skymarcher aspirant, regal bloodlord, and sadistic skymarcher. Also i would highly recommend gifted aetherborn the deathtouch lifelink with 2/3 stats for BB is really good the only down side is you need two black mana sources but he can be a very good deterrent early game and has the stats to not get burned down too fast. His abilities and early games stats also might force your opponent to use removal making it easier and safer to play your bigger guys.
I also think a few more noncreature cards like legion's landing, arterial flow would be great additions the token creation from legions landing is helpful and then becomes a land and still has the capacity to produce tokens. arterial flow three mana discard two is nice but if you have a vampire its also makes them lose two life and you gain two.

Posted 15 August 2018 at 16:23


Great input! I can't believe I totally overlooked Sadistic Skymarcher. I'll have to review and consider a spot for him for sure!

Gifted Aetherborn is a perfect match for this deck, however, I completely neglected to mention in my description that I am trying to keep the deck rotation proof as well (excluding Rush of Vitality which I will be replacing with the weaker 3 white mana enchantment equivalent more than likely). I'll update my description to mention that.

Legion's Landing is on my list. It's a bit pricey right now as a 4 of for this deck but I might bite the bullet and throw it in. It's a fantastic addition that I could find a spot for easily!

Arterial Flow is a great call as well! i could see throwing at least a few in for sure.

Thank you for taking the time to look over my deck and make these suggestions. I've got a bit of homework to do now! :)

Posted 15 August 2018 at 16:47