Araumi Artisan

by bulldogz35 on 25 April 2022

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Deck discussion for Araumi Artisan

I see sufficient removal, ramp, and card draw in your deck so it should be effective at a casual table.

Your Commander requires multiple cards in your graveyard and you currently cant really do that until after turn 3. What I would suggest you explore is replacing a large number of the creature cards in your deck with larger mill effects. If you are willing to redesign your deck with a CMC maximum of around 5, you could do "everyone discards" effects instead, which will compound to significantly reduce the number of threats your opponents can play (plus your commander can access the creatures you personally discard).

It a blue/black deck so there are a lot of options for stuff that can return itself from your graveyard.

Some Suggestions
(Land) Darkmor Salvage
(Instant) Archive Trap (targeting yourself)
(Sorcery) Buried Alive
(Creature) Corpse Connoisseur
Plaguecrafter > Demon's Disciple
(Enchantment) Cemetery Tampering
(Enchantment) Court of Cunning
the "dredge" mechanic

2cmc everyone discard ETB creatures
Rotting Rats
Miasmic Mummy

Posted 01 June 2022 at 23:39


Some other stuff:

(Creature) Overeager Apprentice - cheat things out early
(Creature) Bog Witch - - cheat things out early
(Creature) Doomed Necromancer - Graveyard Reanimation

Graveyard Reanimation (for creature heavy decks):
Blood for Bones
Rescue from the underworld
Ever After
Makeshift Mannequin (not great but its an instant)
Foul Renewal
Death Denied
Incarnation Technique

Card Draw / Mill:
Frantic Search
Fact or Fiction
(1 cmc creature) Stitcher's Supplier - Would Mill 18 cards if you use the commander with three opponents
(4 cmc graveyard creature tutor) Vile Entomber

Not sure how this would be classified with your commander:
Obsessive Stitcher

Posted 02 June 2022 at 01:12