Transmute Artifact

Sorcery {U}{U}

Card Information

Sorcery {U}{U}

Card Rules

Search through your library for one artifact and immediately place it into play; also, choose any artifact in play that you control and place it in its owner's graveyard. If the new artifact has a casting cost greater than that of the discarded one, you must pay the difference or Transmute Artifact fails and both artifacts are discarded. Shuffle your library after playing this card.



  • Legal in Vintage
  • Legal in Legacy

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Transmute Artifact TCG Player Card Prices

No Limit GamingLightly Played1$247.95Add To Cart
MTG SeattleLightly Played2$247.99Add To Cart
The London MullLightly Played1$249.01Add To Cart
MD Game HavenLightly Played1$253.25Add To Cart
MTG Sick DealsLightly Played3$265.63Add To Cart
Adventure Games OshNear Mint1$273.36Add To Cart
Gulf Coast HobbyLightly Played1$274.95Add To Cart
Nerd Rage GamingLightly Played1$274.99Add To Cart

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