Council of 28

by Chain on 10 February 2019

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Deck discussion for Council of 28

I like it, simple and straight forward. Though no removal or evasion really. Perhaps add a Thought Collapse or two? I personally would do 4, and try to get some creature bounce going if possible, even the card Sleep to shut own an opponent for a turn could save you

Posted 11 February 2019 at 12:53


Agreed, The Original version of the deck got more utility, at the cost of fewer creatures.
I will most likely end up playing the original where I will be using 3x Sleep and 4x Thought Collapse, and 2 Time of Ice.
It isn't as straight forwards as this deck, but you can see it here:

Now time will tell if I end up making one or the other or both.

Posted 11 February 2019 at 14:14


I feel like you need a combination of the two. Keep the 4 copies of each enchantment, drop clear the mind, drop the advisors to 20, add 4 thought collapse, 2 devious coverup, 4 blink of an eye

Posted 11 February 2019 at 14:25


You may be right, thanks for the quick feedback gives time for consideration.
Devious Cover-Up & Clear the Mind are both nice, but it should indeed be one or the other, aside from drafts not used to thinking 1v1 in magic where I've mostly played Star, and other games for 4-8 players. This looks like something Standard I could find entertaining.

Posted 11 February 2019 at 14:49


Personally there doesn't seem to be a major reason to mainboard Clear the Mind, it is a solid sideboard in case you go up against a deck that tries to mill you. Devious cover up works better because in reality you aren't going to have that many cards in the graveyard overall, and shuffling 4 of em in while shutting down an opponents spell is plenty

Posted 11 February 2019 at 14:59