U/B Mill -Modern

by Chesless on 07 May 2019

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Deck discussion for U/B Mill -Modern

Wow, you've slipped through my long reaching fingers :)

I'm a very competitive miller who usually comments on mill.

One card that always "triggers" me, is visions of beyond.
You see, the card only works when there are cards in the graveyard, and the current modern meta is very good at removing their own graveyards. It's why tarmogoyf isn't thriving anymore.

That mean the only way to use visions of beyond is if your own graveyard is full. Since you can't do that with the current design, you are better of playing compelling argument.

Search for the decktag: wdm mill guide
To get detailed descriptions of other cards I use in my own mill.

Posted 18 November 2020 at 00:20


Hi Wickeddarkman,

Thank you for the tips!
I actually never played this as it was a deck for my friend who made that list in early 2019!

It is interesting tho and I want to build it on the side.
Thank you for letting me know tarmogoyf is on the down because I either play 8 Rack or The Rock.
I am slowly building towards Jund.

Posted Friday at 18:01


Some builds do have tarmogoyf, but only those able to fill their own graves fast as you can't rely on the opponents graveyard anymore, as there are too many builds that can choice pick their own graveyard. Uro builds are especially good at this with uro, wren and six to remove their own grave. Uro is 8% of the meta.
Rakdos also have close to 8% of the meta and has a few kroxa, cling to dust and kolaghan's command. But not much else.

A lot of builds include some escape cards which is affecting the performance of tarmogoyf.

Posted Friday at 18:39


I am running 4 surgical extraction on most of my side boards because of Uro.
It's funny how Turn 1 thoughtseize and Surgical is still effective so many years after Eldritch Moon.

Posted Friday at 20:11


I'm actually running a longterm analysis of surgical extraction.
I use paperstrips as a datatool. I track individual cards and how they perform to measure what cards I can safely remove from a deck.

When I cast a surgical extraction I search through the opponent testdeck without altering the position of the cards, and then I put paperstrips inside the sleeves of the card I chose to extract. And set the first card aside.
I then continue the game as if I hadn't cast surgical extraction.

When the testdeck draws a card with a paperstrip in it, I also set it aside, and draw another to replace it. The surgical extraction I use has it's own paperstrip and gets a mark for actually removing the card.

By doing this with 3 paperstrips connected with each surgical extraction I can actually see the full consequences of a surgical extraction.

It is actually extremely rare for an opponent to draw the cards you choose to extract, even when you extract twice during a game.

The impact of surgical extraction and any similar card is incredibly small when you monitor what really goes on.
Usually we see 4 cards removed and think, that now they'll never draw those.
But in reality the odds are that the opponent wouldn't draw them anyways.

There are only two scenarios where surgical extraction does have a higher rate of succes.

First when you mill large chunks of the opponents deck early, preferable turn one or two. The cards in the graveyard may then indicate what the opponent has in their hand and you remove a card more frequently that way. (Usually you target the one ofs in the grave) this can also be done by using a thoughtseize to pick the right card.

Second when the opponent has a card in the graveyard which has later impact on the game if it isn't removed.

Since both of these events are actually rare, surgical extraction has a truly horrible performance during the game compared with other cards in general.

I dearly love the card, but once I started to use paperstrips to measure it's true movements within the game, I have completely lost faith in it.

Personally I'm putting a lot more faith in relic of progenitus.
I should also mention faerie macabre and bojuka bog as favourites.

Posted Friday at 21:37


I love Faerie Macabre.
The only reason I actually sideboard Surgical Extraction is for combo deck such as Uro and, in 2016 ish, Nahiri/Emrakul combo.
Otherwise, you are absolutely right. It is mostly there for decks that have 2 or 3 cards as their win con and nothing else.
That's also why I removed it from main board

Posted yesterday at 16:26


Yeah, I'm gonna put it out of the mainboard too.
Maybe even from the sb.

During tests against my own rw prison with nahiri/emrakul, bloodmoon and land taxing, the most efficient cards were actually relic of progenitus and Crypt incursion.
With relic you can mill like a maniac and then when emrakul/ulamog shows up you let their effect go to the stack and then you remove the entire graveyard, and the effect fizzled. After that point they have so few cards that they are actually likely to draw into emra/ula. (I test against one of each because of when I started playing mill in modern, tron was using one of each to stop mill, and it's a move that will be reinvented if mill gets to tier 2)

Both relic of progenitus and Crypt incursion can remove several different reshufflers at one move which is very powerfull.

Surgical extraction fails at one critical point. The opponent gets to reshuffle, and therefore buys more time to kill you for each different reshuffler they have. In tests with just 1 emrakul they pretty often got through the defences and won because of that single reshuffle that forces you to mill everything all over again. Even in games where I pretended to know what the opponent played and therefore could hold back on the big mill, they still managed to get past because of the time wasted on waiting getting surgical and then chewing through a full deck.

Posted 9 hours ago