Titans & Child

by Chesster on 24 February 2018

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Deck Description

I wanted to use every ramp card I have so I can bring out BIG creatures as fast as possible so I decided to use my five-color legendary creature, as my commander, Child of Alara. This opened up a bunch of options for me in terms of cards I can use. And I love Eldrazi so I put my Titans in this deck.

How to Play

Using your creatures with defender and flash you can stall and generate enough mana to create an Eldrazi Titan or Child of Alara. Child of Alara doesn't do anything really besides die, another thing is don't even choose to cast it because the Eldrazi wins the game. If your artifacts get board wiped, well, best of luck to you mate.

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  • Commander
  • EDH
  • Eldrazi
  • five colors

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