Standard Enbantments

by Couch312 on 30 July 2018

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Deck Description

Alright, some results now that we've played a few FNM's.
VS Approach/Teferi control variations; So far I am undefeated against control. They don't have many ways to deal with my enchantments. I have played 5 full rounds against control so far.
VS God Pharoah's Gift decks; hard to say since I've only played 2 rounds so far, seems 60/40 in my favor. I have enough exile effects make combat awkward. Angel of invention the hardest card to deal with in the matchup.
VS aggro variants; I can deal with most aggro decks, but mono red hazoret is tough. The deck is just too fast for me.
All in all the deck seems to function great. Traded out satyr enchanter for Teferi. Card is just better.

How to Play

Do nothing. Nothing we do does anything. We draw cards and exile creatures.
Cast a psychic corrosion to reward card draw.

Side in Zacama against decks without counterspells that take their removal out since we play 0 creatures.

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Deck discussion for Standard Enbantments

Interesting. This is a totally different take on my direction that I took it. I decided on an aggro midrange package using card advantage to win over matchup's like red that can't remove things effetely. Though your Idea of control mill, with the added card draw seems super interesting.

Also only one of three decks on here that are standard that use the card. I find this odd.

Posted 10 August 2018 at 08:24


Thanks! I've enjoyed a fair amount of success with it. I changed out omniscience for sunbird's invocation and it's gone much better.
Oddly enough I've only run into one deck playing cast out, and only as a 1 of. Cast out and that mono green aggro creature are the only 2 effective ways to deal with enchantments it seems.

Posted 10 August 2018 at 12:37


Added Teferi over satyr enchanter. It functions much better and allows guaranteed card draw while making it easier to hold up mana for settle and cast out/seal away.

Posted yesterday at 16:38