Aurelia's Fury - EDH

by Deathblow1981 on 08 October 2018

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Deck Description

Just wanted to try a build around the new Mentor ability. Built with cards i just had laying around so it can Definetly be better. However I've tested this against about 5 other decks and it only lost 1 game and barely... Had opponent at 1 life when he infinite combo'ed me.

How to Play

Generally I try to get out a couple low cmc creatures so I'm ready to mentor when Aurelia hits play. If not then I aim for a few equiptment cards to boost whatever does hit the field.
Try for the doublestrike creatures to hit for big damage when you pump them with Aurelia's ability. Also have some extra combat phase cards to double pump with Aurelia for even bigger damage.

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  • EDH
  • Aggro
  • Boros
  • Boros Reckoner
  • Angel
  • Burn

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Deck discussion for Aurelia's Fury - EDH

Tweaked this a bit for more consistency. Anyone have ideas or card suggestions to make this better while keeping the decks theme in mind, your suggestions are welcomed.

Posted Friday at 16:20