Gem or jank: Ulamog stompy

by DNinja89 on 09 June 2021

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Deck Description

What's going on everyone DNinja here. Today we have a fun one it's Ulamog stompy. If you want to see the deck in action come check me out on YouTube D-ninja89 or just search Gem or Jank.

How to Play

It's pretty basic just ramp into big stompy and have fun.

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  • Stompy
  • Mono Green
  • ulamog
  • Historic
  • MTG Arena

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  • Not Legal in Standard
  • Legal in Modern
  • Legal in Vintage
  • Legal in Legacy

Deck discussion for Gem or jank: Ulamog stompy

Hey there, DNinja...

I'm wickeddarkman, local innovator, and currently trying to create a discussion in this place about how we should rebuild our community and embrace youtubers who tries to create content.

The current situation is not the best, as our community has fallen apart over the years, and almost everyone else is letting it slip.

What can you do to help with this ?

You can shamelessly market yourself.

If you start out with learning how to search for decktags, you can search for the decktag: wdm 2018
It's a deck series I've got going with articles attached to them, and one of them is titled "how to be more visible"

It will explain to you how you can invent and use brand tags to become much easier to stumble on by accident, because that's what's needed if you want to be read in here.

Also search for the decktag: community talk
Where I'm trying to start up a talk about how we can help out other content creators and maybe become the favourite place to visit for content creators in mtg.

We already get visits by magicaidsyoutube who was frequently here when we were much more supportive, but still produces decks for us.

I've seen magicbrothers in here as well, but can't remember if they are podcasts or something more.

Anyways, welcome to the mtgvault, feel free to read a couple of the decks from the decktag: wdm 2018
Each has a content article covering some crazy stuff.

Most of it will be about how to use evolution as a deckbuilding tool, but I have an excellent memory and have been in magic since the end of unlimited, so I've got many stories :)

I hope you get an increase in your fanbase, and if you already have fans, maybe send them here so they can help building up a love for content creators.

Oh, almost forgot, when you use the mtgvault search engine to search for a decktag it will display the top 20 results.
That makes it possible to measure how popular a tag is in here.

Count the number of decks with zero likes, and the less zeros your search have, the more popular that tag is. It will help you to see exactly what the mtgvault users find most interesting...

Posted Wednesday at 16:58


Ok, also I thought you were going to yell at me for plugging my youtube account. Tbh I'm still very new on my youtube journey and I always leave a link to the site in my descriptions.

Posted Wednesday at 20:54


Using the tag system as a secondary option will reinforce your odds in other ways.

Links are a cool way of doing it and some users in here does so in very neat looking ways, usually they add 5-6 links at the bottom of a deck description.

Both systems are very similar, but I think the use of tags is somehow attracting people who wants to make a difference. People that copy/paste a link to visit it, are slightly more lazy than someone who does the effort of typing in a tag, so I believe that those attracted with tags are willing to do more than just clicking a button.

I've been creating content on forums forever.
I remember reading the, but the first site I joined was, which was also closed, so I joined and when that closed I moved here.

I mainly posted about computersimulations and evolution on

In here my focus is still evolution, but I write up articles about things I discover during the process, which often gives me the basis for writing a lot of stuff.

It's usually pretty complicated, but I try to back it up with statistics whenever I can.

I also exploit that I'm ancient and ornamental by writing about which parts of the past players should try out with some of their new stuff.

I'm pretty sure that I could provide you with a couple of gem or jank episodes.

One idea I like to spread is halfdecks.

If you build 10 half decks (30 cards) with the intent of shuffling two random halves together, then you will be able to shuffle them together in 49 different combinations.

search for the decktag: a-half
I've prepared 10 absolute starter decks for arena players there.

Back when I invented the concept I began to split pro decks with the intent of being able to play an extreme number of hybrid decks.

Maybe you could use this concept as well.

In the past a lot more users used the decktag: halfdeck

Posted Wednesday at 21:35


That's a good idea ill look into that more.

Posted Wednesday at 23:59


There are many ways to do it.
I started out selecting the strongest ideas for a few decks and will try to equal the power level of each deck some day. The overall goal is to increase the synergy between all deck halves.

Part of the original idea was to create a fun package of decks that could be sold at larger tournaments.
I'd demonstrate the way it worked, and had written decklists to help out the first time user.

I would also advice them to use the same color/motive of sleeves to make shuffling a lot easier.

You could also remove all the lands, shuffle everything together and play it as a cube deck.

Posted Thursday at 07:23