Rakdos Hollow One

by Hunns on 14 September 2018

Main Deck (60 cards)

Sideboard (16 cards)

Creatures (1)

Sorceries (3)

Planeswalkers (2)

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Deck Description

Main Deck pretty much set in Stone but toying around with the idea of playing Assasins Trophy instead of the 2 Collective Brutality once they're released. To compliment this i'd cut one copy of Blackcleave Cliffs and play another Stomping Ground but this isn't tested yet.
Sideboard not finished yet...
Consider getting 3-4 Leylines of the Void instead of Rakdos Charm and Nihil Spellbomb.
Maybe a 3rd Ancient Grudge and more Grim Lavamancers.
Sideboard Flex Slots:
Abrade, Terminate, 2x Liliana of the Veil, Engineered Explosives, Torpor Orb.

How to Play

Opening hands:
Our opening hand needs at least one copie of Burning Inquiry or Faithless Looting and a land if that's not the case then 2 Lands, one Flameblade Adept and a Goblin Lore is fine as well otherwise we can't keep. No-land hands are possible keepers if we have 2 Street Wraiths and a Faithless Looting or Burning Inquiry.
First turns:
Fetch as early as possible to thin the deck and fuel the yard for early delve creatures. Blood Crypt is our best land. Try to keep back a fetchland to crack after a Burning Inquiry to get back a discarded Bloodghast on turn 2.
Lead with Flameblade Adept turn 1.
Always cycle Street Wraith before random discard.
Fetch for Stomping Ground early postboard if Ancient Grudge was brought in to not have it be discarded randomly. If Ancient Grudge isn't boarded in we can board out Stomping Ground.

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  • Modern
  • Rakdos
  • Aggro

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