Darreti, the cheetah [EDH]

by Jeri on 15 March 2019

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Deck Description

Cheating big artifacts into play with Darreti.

This is my first take at a deck that features true combos. Infinite combos. Or atleast things that can't be played after 4 beers.
I know there are some weaker/slower cards (hello Lux cannon), but I have always wanted to play some of these and use them and this is finally the place where it could work.

List of infinite combos:
Chaos wand + Paradox engine + 4 non-land mana = play all of your opponents' instant and sorceries (ok, this one is not really infinite because opponents have limited number of instants and sorceries in their decks, but it can be backbreaking to cast them all)

Mycosynth lattice + Karn, silver golem = pay 1 to kill an opponents' land.

Mycosynth lattice + Vandalblast (overloaded) = destroy each permanent you don't control

Mycosynth lattice + Nevynirral's disk = destroy everything

Mycosynth lattice + Nevynirral's disk + Darksteel forge = destroy everything you don't control. And again… And again…

Mindslaver + Darreti, scrap savant + Contagion engine = Opponent can't play during his turn.

Rinds of brighthearth + Basalth monolith + 3 mana = infinite mana

Rings of brighthearth + grim monolith + 4 mana = infinite mana

infinite mana + staff of domination = Gain infinite life, draw your whole deck, kill your opponents with Eathquake. Earthquake can be retrieved with Elixir of immortality.

infinite mana + staff of domination + staff of nin + 2 artifact creatures + clock of omens = infinite damage with staff of nin

Spine of ish sah + krark-clan ironworks/slobad, goblin tinkerer + Paradox engine + 5/7 non-land mana = destroy everything you can target

Clock of omens + static orb = opponents can only untap 2 permanents

I will be updating this list as I discover more. This is just from the top of my head, looking at it.

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Deck discussion for Darreti, the cheetah [EDH]

Mindslaver with daretti is disgusting :O

Posted 24 March 2019 at 14:56


True, true. I was always a fan of mindslaving people. I managed to pull off Sorin's ultimate a few times (the 3BBB Sorin) and it usualy forced a scoop. One does not realize how badly you can play until you let your opponent play for you :D

Posted 24 March 2019 at 20:16