Infinite Navigator trick!

by JMFJ on 11 January 2019

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Deck Description

Made for MTGA ARENA. Build around Timestream Navigator.

How to Play

This is basically a control deck but there is a few thing to consider here :

-4 Cleansing Nova because my support permanents will turn into lands.
(Search for Azcanta, Thaumatic Compass, Treasure Map) exception 2 Ixalan's Binding

-3 Settle the Wreckage (Minimum) Because i'm only playing with 1/1 creatures so I basically got no defense and I can't counter everything. In most cases that is the first wipe that i'm gonna use.

The green : There is not much green cards in this deck but theses are really important.

- 2 Gaea's Blessing because my stuff is gonna get destroyed and I need it back somehow, also prevent me from beeing milled to death. If I had 4 Timestream Navigator I would consider adding 1 or 2 The Mending of Dominaria and take out Gaea's Blessing. (Updated with 3 Timestream, 1 Gaea's and 1 The Mending..)

- 4 Grow from the Ashes, this one allow me to play a wipe earlier or to get 7 lands by turn 5, so I can transform Thaumatic Compass and get defense. That is also 9 potential available mana by turn 6!

THE GOAL and how to achieve infinite turns :

You need first to get Tezzeret, Artifice Master emblem, which allow you to search you librairy for a permanent card and put it onto the battlefield. At the end of turn you search for a Timestream Navigator and put it into play. PROTECT IT FOR A TURN. Then ASAP use it for an extra turn, repeat process!

Tips :

-Early game never throw your Navigator on the battlefield because your gonne get them exiled. They are also useless without the ascend achieved. Keep em as a surprise, when you play it it should mean ''It's your last turn buddy!''
Exception: You can use a Navigator mid-game in order to pump up your planeswalkers faster.

-Don't be afraid to play those planeswalkers even if they are not totally safe, that will draw the opponent attention somewhere else that at your Life Total! Use that Vivien Reid to destroy annoying artifacts, enchantments or flying creatures. You can always get it back later with Gaea's Blessing. When you are not in danger keep stacking thoses 1/1 flying and keep the pressure on!

Hope you enjoy!

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Deck discussion for Infinite Navigator trick!

First thing I could think of was... COOL! :D

Then I looked closer and said to myself, "Why not use Helm of the Host?"

I mean, I could use a wildcard to pick up Tezzert and hope to get his emblem, OR I could use helm of the host (I have 3 copies) to make copies of the navigator before activating it. Just be sure to equip the copy before ending my turn, then take a new one, get a new copy.

I'm not sure how it would work in this list, but I was just thinking of how to make it work with the cards I already had and that's what came up.

Thanks for the awesome idea!

Posted 11 January 2019 at 21:27


That is a good idea! Sadly I don't have any Helm of the Host yet! I might try that in the future as secondary option.
What I like with Tezzeret is that he provide more options in the combo!

Posted 11 January 2019 at 22:20


Planswalkers usually do.

Posted 12 January 2019 at 22:48


Deck updated with Ravnica Allegiance set!
Rhythm of the Wild : Navigator can't be counterspelled and get haste! WTF!
Wilderness Reclamation : Always have open mana for counters!
Growth Spiral : Get things done faster!

Posted 24 January 2019 at 12:41