by kight1981 on 03 October 2020

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Deck Description

Dragon are good in bed

How to Play

1.sreach for basic land in play tapped
2.deal 3 too human goblins eilf ext
3.mill 4 return all land to hand end turn
4.destroy all 1-1 power chr,s
5.destroy all humans
6.dragons in play have hex
7.all humans get flying
8.put all lands in hand play tapped
9.roll d20 put that money 1 - 1 humens tokkens
00.all human gain haste for rest of game
11.sreach for any chr too hand
12.gain 12 life draw 2 card
13.Put a token into play monster horror 4\5 first struck death touch
14.add artfact in play pay 1 tapped for 5 mana
15.search for mounten put in basic is 20-20 gaunt also land
16.deal 16 to two chr exile if dies ..
17.roll d 20 deal too target on battlefeald
18.put 1d20 dragon tokens in play ..2.2 flying dragons
19.sreach for dragon to hand end turn all players my play dragon at flash speed.
200.put in wild card 4 wild cards win game ..cards reads at endstep clone tokken.

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  • Dragon's Maze
  • Dragon
  • Trash
  • porn

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  • Not Legal in Standard
  • Legal in Modern
  • Legal in Vintage
  • Legal in Legacy

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