564 deck were do we all go

by kight1981 on 03 June 2020

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Deck discussion for 564 deck were do we all go

Why the how to play?

Posted 03 June 2020 at 11:57


He likes to play with himself ;)

It's the easiest play ever :)

Kight is a little "oddball" on this topic

He also likes to flash his deck in here once in a while...

Redtube can also become an addiction, there are days where all I do myself, is posting my deck and watching the tube...

Posted Wednesday at 18:43


Fukkk good job

Posted Wednesday at 18:49


You should use more cards from lair of ikoria.
All the mutate cards and companions have dirty names.
A lot of that set is practically pornbased names and concepts
(Forbidden Friendship is about a deep man/dinosaur realtionship)

mutate = one creature gets on top.

It magics pornset :)

Posted Wednesday at 18:58