by kight1981 on 14 September 2021

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Deck discussion for Mtgpornjace

My good god, I never realised...
Once mtg is launched on Netflix, jace and liliana goes mainstream in the public, and when that happens a certain section of the population will not be satisfied be being told that jace and liliana had a fling.
They will want the youtube version of it.

Soon we will have porn videos of garruc releasing his inner beast into kiona.

It's my little pony all over again.

Famous characters sexualized to please freaky freaks all over the web...

And it will branch out into other worlds of fantasy because of Hasbro/wotc aggressive marketing.

Soon squirrelgirl (marvel universe) will be covered in infinite pornsquirrel combos.

Good grief, soon keywords like aggro, control and combo will become redtube phrases.

Oh well, might watch some of it.
I'm thinking kamigawa neon dynasty with liliana and narset...

Posted Tuesday at 20:14