poper radom trash2021

by kight1981 on 05 July 2017

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How to Play

Wakey world D20
this world is like planer chase but all you need D20
roll D20 add the thing on list to game for game or read how long lets start
1-put in 4 bird of p
2-deal 2 dmg too each color of chose chr
3-exile one color chr
4-return all artfact from graveyard to hand discard 2 cards
5-shy 5 put any lands into hand
6- put in 3-3 blue green beast with flying
7-exile top 7 cards put in all artfacts into play tapped
8-put blue white black zombie wizard 3-4 (tap put in 2-2 black zombie token in too play tapped
9-gain D20 life
10-player lose D20 life
11-search deckmaster for two card to hand
12-put in 4 cards named azorius guildgate into play
13-put in green blue black tree 0-13 (tap it taget chr get 13-13-
14-target player mills D20 cards till land then roll agean till four lands in graveyard
15-put in D20 coin sac coin for any color mana
16-put in white blue bird with flying 4-5 hexproff
17-destroy all humens dragons demons and elfs
18-vampires get 3+0 and death touch
19- humen get 0+5 and have reach
20-get wild card four wild card win game wild card says no max hand size all game
make your owne all need is D20

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  • Legal in Vintage
  • Legal in Legacy

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