Temur Turns

by Krozark on 11 May 2021

Mana Curve

Mana Symbol Occurrence

Type breakdown

Snow-Covered Forest2x Snow-Covered ForestBasic Snow Land — Forest$0.00$0.00$0.00
Snow-Covered Island3x Snow-Covered IslandBasic Snow Land — Island$0.00$0.00$0.00
Snow-Covered Mountain1x Snow-Covered MountainBasic Snow Land — Mountain$0.00$0.00$0.00
Elder Gargaroth2x Elder GargarothCreature — Beast$24.00$31.98$59.98
Snapcaster Mage3x Snapcaster MageCreature — Human Wizard$173.55$205.38$390.00
Archmage's Charm2x Archmage's CharmInstant$27.30$34.20$59.98
Cryptic Command3x Cryptic CommandInstant$78.03$91.14$371.97
Growth Spiral4x Growth SpiralInstant$0.00$0.00$0.00
Lightning Bolt4x Lightning BoltInstant$0.00$0.00$0.00
Remand3x RemandInstant$6.60$14.97$59.97
Wrenn and Six3x Wrenn and SixLegendary Planeswalker — Wrenn$303.66$353.13$452.76
Jace, the Mind Sculptor2x Jace, the Mind SculptorPlaneswalker — Jace$120.00$154.86$339.98
Ice-Fang Coatl4x Ice-Fang CoatlSnow Creature — Snake$10.80$20.00$59.96
Rimewood Falls1x Rimewood FallsSnow Land — Forest Island$0.47$1.14$12,345.00
Temporal Mastery3x Temporal MasterySorcery$21.00$30.00$89.97
Time Warp3x Time WarpSorcery$0.00$0.00$0.00
Castle Vantress1x Castle VantressLand$0.69$1.31$1,000.00
Lonely Sandbar1x Lonely SandbarLand$0.05$0.25$4.14
Misty Rainforest4x Misty RainforestLand$119.96$186.72$399.96
Reflecting Pool1x Reflecting PoolLand$25.00$30.00$39.99
Scalding Tarn4x Scalding TarnLand$154.32$219.96$683.68
Wooded Foothills1x Wooded FoothillsLand$37.95$47.55$72.99
Breeding Pool2x Breeding PoolLand — Forest Island$42.00$49.62$80.00
Ketria Triome1x Ketria TriomeLand — Forest Island Mountain$9.99$12.28$19.99
Steam Vents1x Steam VentsLand — Island Mountain$12.00$17.00$55.00
Stomping Ground1x Stomping GroundLand — Mountain Forest$7.89$11.18$21.00