RG Ponza

by luishj on 16 May 2018

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Deck Description

Based on Pauper Ponza Deck by DedWards

How to Play

The idea is to increase your mana as fast as possible (Utopia Sprawl, Wild Growth and Arbor Elf) to bring huge creatures at the same time you destroy every single land the opponent plays.

A couple of changes I did:

Works like a charm to speed up things. You can have 2 lands (including Terramorphic) in one turn and draw a card. Sweet!

Flame Slash:
While you're getting stronger, it works pretty nicely against some unwanted opponent creatures.

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  • Pauper
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  • Land Destruction
  • Ramp

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  • Not Legal in Standard
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Deck discussion for RG Ponza

I've noticed a couple of times that opponent has no lands, I only have Arbor Elf and some land destruction cards at hand... Maybe removing a couple of land destruction spells and replace them with some other creatures? Any feedback would be appreciated!

Posted Wednesday at 15:59


While I like the inclusion of red for Stone Rain and Pillage, I saw a pretty good mono green Paupa Ponza list here:


You could incorporate some of the cards used there. I especially like Krosan Tusker.

Also, going by experience with the Modern Ponza deck I run, Stone rain is better than Pillage because of the difference in mana cost. While you can always call {R} for Utopia Sprawl, Wild Growth only ever adds {G}, which means there will be games where you won't have the {R}{R} for Pillage on turn 2. Thermokarst dodges this problem by being your main colour.

Posted Wednesday at 17:16



Not sure if I want to turn it to only green because Flame Slash had proven quite handy in some games. But I've replaced some land destruction with Krosan Tusker and we'll see how it works.

Posted Wednesday at 18:16