[EDH] Aminatou Blink

by markxero on 29 October 2018

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Deck Description

A deck focused around Aminatou's -1 blink ability, ideally looking for infinite ETB triggers.

How to Play

Alongside Aminatou, there are three particularly key cards:
Felidar Guardian - the infinite engine with Aminatou (or with Wispweaver / Metamorph if Aminatou's not around).
Panharmonicon - allows something else to blink every time FG ETBs and can be tutored with Tezzeret.
Oath of Teferi - allows Aminatou to blink another thing before FG and can be tutored with Lili.

Then there are cards that trigger off the Aminatou/FG combo:
Altar of the Brood mills all your opponents.
Vela makes each opponent lose all their life.
Suture Priest and Soul Warden gain you infinite life.

With Panharmonicon or Oath of Teferi out, there are plenty of other targets for the second blink, but the main ones to kill your opponents with are Gray Merchant and the Obzedat. Chupacabra or Ashen Rider clears the board; Oath of Lili makes everyone clear their own board.

And then there's Time Warp with Archaeomancer / Salvager / Mnemonic Wall. Played right, it should be possible to get infinite turns.

As a back up infinite engine, there's also the three salvagers with Ghostly Flicker and Gilded Lotus. With the Sapphire Medallion out, that can also net infinite mana.

Pulling all the pieces together can be tricky, but if the deck can weather the first few turns it usually find its feet. Wall of Denial, Seraph of the Sword and the Guard Gomazoa are all in to help protect you in the meantime.

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