[EDH] Avacyn 1.0

by markxero on 13 August 2013

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Deck Description

Originally a 60 card angels deck, but Avacyn as Commander is too tempting to resist. Lots of lovely angels to beat face; some less lovely wraths to clear their path.
(Oh - and the Moonsilver Spear might be her signature weapon, but Avacyn *really* likes the Worldslayer :D )
Needs more testing and refining yet, but it's a start.

How to Play

Get angels out. Get Avacyn out (as early as turn 5). Protect her with greaves or her mask. Give her the Worldslayer. Beat face.
Medallion, Monument and Horn all speed up her arrival, as can Herald of War. Once Avacyn's out, Command, Cleanse and Armageddon to your heart's content (or just keep using Magus of the Disk).
Recursion's a thing here too: Angel of Glory's Rise to bring back Monk Idealist and Treasure Hunter to get back an artifact and an enchantment. Then Defy Death on Glory's Rise and do it all again. Or just keep Reya around. Nothing's ever truly dead here. :)

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  • Mono White
  • Avacyn
  • Commander
  • Angel

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