Mono Red Haste

by milesdererste on 16 October 2017

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Deck Description

I try to create a red control deck, in Multiplayer Setups destroy hazards until I have enough Mountains to use Akroma, meanwhile I deal damage with Burning Earth, Price of Progress, Valakut and my creatures, which gain haste by Urabrask, Anger or Fervor.

I added Builder's Bane, Blasphemous Act, Incendiary Command and Fiery Confluence to have more alternatives against artifact, creatures and planeswalkers.
I think this deck does not need much land destruction because non standard lands cause much pain, when Price of Progress and Burning Earth hit the battlefield.
The Weak Spot is the missing of spells against enchantments, I think about Misguided Rage and Crack the Earth or the Disk, like Puschkin suggested.

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Deck discussion for Mono Red Haste

I think there is a mismatch of haste enablers and creatures that can benefit from it. 4 Fervors + Unabrask + Hammer + Anger = 6 cards that provide haste for all of your creatures. But you run only 13 creatures and 8 of them have haste already :) Also, both your god and Savage Beating require you to have lots of creatures. You can easily replace at least 2 Fervors with more creatures. Keep this in mind when reading the next suggestions.

Your weak spot is enchantments. The default way to handle this in mono-red has always been Nevinyrral's Disk. I think it fits this deck quite well because it doesn't have many permanents, the planeswalker isn't hit, the god is indestructible, the phoenixes come back with the red spellt, Anger wants to be in the grave anyway etc.

I would replace either Shatterstorm and/or By Force with Builder's Bane because it triggers the Phoenixes. You might also consider using Hoard-Smelter Dragon to kill artifacts, which would up your creature count.

I remember you said you added the Devils because you want one-drops. You know our arguments against them in multiplayer. The problem is the lack of quality one-drops for mono-red in multiplayer. However, there are a few cards to consider:
- Elixir of Vitality keeps you alive and recycles cards
- Pyrite Spellbomb: early defense that can be used later and has the option to replace itself if you don't need it
- Molten Vortex
- Grim Lavamancer
- Figure of Destiny (useful in every stage of the game)
- some of the cards in your sideboard like Glaring Spotlight

You worry about one-drops but don't have any 2-drops besides Armillary Sphrere ;) There are plenty of good ones, way too many to write them all down. Here some examples for cheap creatures that stay relevant in longer multiplayer games:
- Dismissive Pyromancer (might replaces Magmetic Insight)
- Ash Zealot (good early on and annoying for many decks later on)
- Ashling the Pilgrim
- Stigma Lasher
- Keeper of the Flame

I would replace Chandra's Fury with Cerebral Eruption. It cost one less mana and will deal either as much damage or more more to the opponents ceatures (which is more important than the damage dealt to the player).

I like the general setup of this deck and the cards like Burning Earth. Keep the framework.

Posted 09 June 2019 at 10:19


Added lifegain and carddraw.
Fiery Confluence is great, had to put two of them into the deck.

Posted 08 October 2021 at 19:18


Should i replace the Valakuts with 2 Mountains and 1 creature?

Posted 08 October 2021 at 19:25


No, rather replace the Terrain Generator with a Mountain. Don't go below 22 land, your deck is more expensive now than the original build.

Posted Wednesday at 21:44