G/W Pauper: Landfall

by Muktol on 05 May 2014

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Deck Description

'Landfall' just came into my mind when looking through some other decks here.

Building it:
A quick search found me some good, usable creatures: "Steppe Lynx" to put early pressure on my opponent and "Territorial Baloth" to finish the game later on. "Kor Skyfisher" was added because it would enable me to take back a land and play it again.
Next came the ramp-spells: "Explore" would provide me with additional carddraw while "Khalni Heart Expedition" and especially "Harrow" would do the real work.
"Adventuring Gear" and "Groundswell" was added to further use the landfall theme.
Last came "Apostle's Blessing" for protection. The big advantage of "Apostle's Blessing" is that it can be payed even if you have no white mana on the field and gives your creature some sort of evasion.

Like many players I first looked into magic with Eight Edition/ Mirrodin tough I didn't start to seriously play and collect until Innistrad. My cardpool is limited and ,though I did discover many new cards from blocks I didn't even know, my focus lies on modern legality. Thus modern-legal cards only where used to build this deck, though it doesn't mean I'm not open to other suggestions.

For our local playgroup we decided to use the pauper ban-list and each card that is available as common in a modern-legal pauper deck. For example the Mirrodin artefact lands are legal while Rancor and Cranial Plating aren't.

This deck exists only on this site and has never been played against another deck. Regardless I'm open to all suggestions and ideas that may help to improve this deck.

"Snapping Gnarlid" is good enough to get a chance in this deck so I did a 2/2 split with "Territorial Baloth". I also changed the manabase a little bit (no second searchland, more basic lands) and added "Selesnya Sanctuary".

How to Play

A good starting hand could be: Forest (2), Plains, Steppe Lynx, Adventuring Gear, Rancor, Harrow

T1: Plains + Steppe Lynx
T2: Forest + Adventuring Gear -> Equip
T3: Forest + Harrow + Groundswell -> attack with a 20/20

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Deck discussion for G/W Pauper: Landfall

T1: Plains + Steppe Lynx
T2: Forest + Adventuring Gear -> Equip
T3: Forest + Harrow + Groundswell x2 -> attack for 20? since you have 3 lands entering in battlefield (+6 Steppe Lynx +6 Adventuring Gear + 4 Groundswell + 4 Groundswell)

Posted 05 May 2014 at 16:51


I never said that I was impeccable ;)
In these examples I also work only with the cards I have on my hand, and don't calculate with new-drawn cards.
Depending on the situation I also would try to give the attacker trample. None of these creatures has it without Rancor, so even a simple 1/1 will be enough to block all the damage away.

Posted 05 May 2014 at 17:41