monoR: Beginner's Burn Deck

by Muktol on 07 October 2021

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Deck Description

Basic Idea:
This deck, and others of this series, is intended for first-time players. To achieve this I wanted to keep the deck extra simple so that the new player can focus on getting to know the rules, tactics and understanding what's going on. The other decks of this series can be found under:
Burn is another thing, which I'm not completely sure if it's a good deck for a first-timer to play. But it's an iconic deck-archetype, and thus it shoudn't be missing when it comes to letting new players choose their play-style and teach them. I didn't have one, so I tried to build a beginner-friendly one.

To keep this deck simple I decided to stay modern-legal even if this would only be played at the kitchen table. Mass-strengthening-effects (+x/+x to all creatures) and cards with multiple effects should be avoided.
Lands are limited to Commons and Uncommon', no Rare's or Mythic's. Other cards are limited to Common's, Uncommon's and 1 Rare (max 4 times) per deck, no Mythic's.

The overall budget for the beginner's decks should be between 15 to 20$. (Mid value).

Keywords/ Mechanics in this deck you'll have to explain (Beside the basic rules):
Direct damage, defender, spectacle, scry

At the moment this deck exists only on this site and has never been played against another deck. I'm open to all suggestions and ideas that may help to further improve this deck.

Message board:
If you want to leave me an off-topic or general message, not belonging to this deck, like requests, general questions or if you simply want to talk to me, please follow the link to my message board deck.

How to Play

[[Firebrand Archer]], [[Guttersnipe]] and [[Thermo-Alchemist]] all increase the effectiveness of you burn spells. They are not meant for direct attacks, tough [[Satyr Firedancer]] can help you achieving this, by removing potential blockers from your opponent.
[[Thrill of Possibility]] and [[Browbeat]] help you not to run out of fuel.
All other spells are meant to be more or less directly fired at your opponent, to reduce his life as fast as possible.

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Deck discussion for monoR: Beginner's Burn Deck

I would replace Browbeat with Light up the Stage. Not only is it a better card in terms of function, it will also teach new players about exile and cards that allow you to play cards from other zones. Just a thought.

Posted 07 October 2021 at 14:18


Thank you for the suggestion. I added 1 copy of Light Up the Stage, but I'm not sure how it will prove.
The problem I'm seeing is that the deck's mana-curve peaks at 2. So you need 1-2 mana to activate the spectacle option for the card, and another 1-4 mana to play the cards you've drawn.

Posted 08 October 2021 at 06:24


Forgot about Thermo-Alchemist (and attacking), so it's 0-2 mana to activate Spectacle and 1-4 mana to play both cards.

Posted 08 October 2021 at 07:23


If you don't mind my asking, how do you link cards in comments?

Posted Tuesday at 15:23


No problem. Two rectangular brackets before and after the card name. Tough misspelled names or such with apostrophes won't work
[[Faith's Shield]]

Posted Tuesday at 16:34


Thank you. I appreciate it.

Posted Tuesday at 23:20


Just thought I'd share my thoughts on a comment you made:

"Burn is another thing, which I'm not completely sure if it's a good deck for a first-timer to play"

Whenever teaching a new friend to play magic, I always give them a pre-made burn deck. I think for new players getting an introduction into magic - a classic burn deck works quite well.

Reasons for why I like using a red burn deck as an intro deck:
- The cards are simple. Most of the cards are "deal X damage to a creature or opponent". The new player can then decide where they want to focus their burn spells (creatures or the opponents health).
- Games take about 5-10 minutes - a good length when it comes to magic as it give new players a decent taster for the game.
- Fewer mechanics: Fewer mechanics are good. Less of a learning curve. Things such as Regeneration, Menace, Deathtouch, LifeLink... can overwhelm new people. Red decks tend to have less mechanics than other decks - which keeps it nicely and simple. (Disclaimer: massive generalization here when it comes to red decks and mechanics - but you get the gist right? ;) )

And finally : "Red deck wins" !

There's nothing better than playing magic with a new player, and actually trying to beat the fricken RDW deck... and you can't since the deck is so good, it just plays itself ;)

Posted Wednesday at 16:24


Always a pleasure to get feedback and learn the thoughts of other players and builders :)

I know that I'm underestimating many new players, but I've had some situations with them that made me overcautious in the end. So here are my own concerns when it comes to burn (or infect or RDW)

You have to accept that your lifepoints are nothing but another resource... something that is difficult for many layers, not to speka of beginners.
Like control, you have to know (or quickly learn) which creature to remove, which you can let on the battlefield and when it's time to simply try and burn your opponent to cinders.
Also this budget burn deck features very few 1mana/ 3 damage spells, for the obvious reason: They are expensive ($). So it might be harder to defeat your opponent with this one.
Last thing I want to throw in is that it's normally no fun to play against burn.

Posted Wednesday at 17:39