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by Muktol on 27 August 2021

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Anyone who wants to leave me a message, can do this over this deck. This way we will get notifications and don't have to rely on the forum, where notifications don't work.
Use this for requests, questions, discussions, or if you simply want to talk to me.

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Deck discussion for Muktols Messageboard

I've absorbed your link to my own project.

Feel free to copy my link and maybe link it in your message board description.
From there you can always copy/paste it to any new user :)

If you got other old community posts like this I'll include those too, as well as the work of all great community pillars I can round up links from.

I'm hitting my 5000 comments and is working on a post celebrating it.
I plan to create user lists in all formats, and all of it will be webbed together by the "template" that I'm constantly copy pasting in front of my decks.

In a way, my web will sort of link everything that's good about this place, and eventually people will get the idea and start imitating it at a lower level :)

Posted 06 September 2021 at 12:30


When they are willing to read it, there is a high chance that they will :)
The only other community/ article deck that I would happen to have lying around would be "Hot to build a deck", and I don't know if this is really up to date (

Posted 06 September 2021 at 12:32


I knew about that one, but can't see links at the top of the screen on my phone, making it hard to copy them.
I'll add that one as well, but I can hold my hand if you want to skim through it first to see if the general advice holds.
I'll post a link here to a deckarticle that might give you a new perspective...

Link link...

At the moment my articles seem to be viewed a lot, so I'm having an effect on things.
And I know that even the troll has started to read me, because he's adapted a decoy trick left for exactly that purpose.
By using the trick he revealed that he reads me :)

Posted 06 September 2021 at 12:55


I started a deck-challenge for beginner decks on the forum, If you want to participate, here's the link

Posted Tuesday at 10:05


I'll take a look at it.
How many participants do you expect ?

Posted Tuesday at 10:09


Depends on how many people look at the forum, the last real deck-challenge by SuperMegaPanda had 3 entries with decklinks. I know of 2 users that already have built beginner decks, If they still are active and read this...2-6 people.
Why do you ask?

Posted Tuesday at 10:14


I was fearing that the forum was pretty dead, but I can see you got some views, so let's see how it goes.
I'm not fond of the price aspect because I usually teach by proxy, but I'll give it a serious try.

Posted Tuesday at 10:20


The reason for that where three things.
First, The player someday might want to play his (original? updated?, whatever?) deck in a tournament/ event at a LGS or try it against other players. At a tournament it's pretty obvious that you are not allowed to use proxies, and even some players might be annoyed playing against a deck made from 100% proxies.
Second, is the balancing. I know there are enough broken cards out there that can simply unbalance a deck or make it broken, but the prices for those are normally higher. While this won't solve all problems, it will at least balance the decks a little bit.
Third and last, I personally don't like to playing (long term) against people, who are unwilling to invest at least something into their hobby. If they play once, or twice, it's OK, but if they play more frequently, I want them to have a deck made of real cards, so that they also learn about the value of the cards.

Posted Tuesday at 12:44


I sort of teach them the game as close to the real thing as possible.
Then get them to consider if they want to invest a lot of money or if they want to try with a more budget like angle.
I usually show some stuff about my past as someone who tried to beat legacy with commoncards.
Then the person starts to plan investments from there.

Posted Tuesday at 17:44