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by Muktol on 30 July 2018

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Deck Description

With this article deck series I wanted to take a look at cards from certain editions and see which one I would add to a modern-legal pauper cube. This time it's M19. Feel free to discus the card-choices made or propose some new one's.

M19 features some interesting new cards as well as some good reprints, but no new mechanics. I also found the same amount of cards for each colour (save artifacts), which makes this edition very well balanced.

Total number of cards in the expansion: 280
Creatures: 6 White ; 3 Blue ; 5 Black ; 4 Red ; 7 Green ; 1 Artifact
Sorcery/ instant: 4 White ; 5 Blue ; 4 Black ; 6 Red ; 2 Green
Enchantment: 1 White ; 0 Blue ; 1 Black ; 0 Red ; 1 Green
Other Artifacts: 4
Dual-/ Special lands: 10

Feel free to discus the card-choices made or propose some new one's.

How to Play

Favourite cards:
Daybreak Chaplain is a creature with a high chance of survival, due to 3 toughnes, and lifelink for 2 mana. This should work really well to slow down other decks in a damage race.

Dwarven Priest will provide you with 1 life for each creature you control. He also has a 2/4 body so after his job is done he serves as solid blocker.
Goblin Instigator is a weaker version of Mogg War Marshalbut nevertheless useful you basically get 2 1/1's for 2 mana. This should work very well in decks with some Enter The Battlefield triggers or decks based on swarm-tactics.

Rustwing Falcon is a flying creature with a 1/2 body for 1 mana. Cheap, fast, useful.

Silverbeak Griffin falls into the same category, bringing a 2/2 flyer for 2 mana.

Viashino Pyromancer deals 2 damage to a creature when entering also bringing a 2/1 body for 2 mana.

Skyscanner seems like a bad card at the first look, being a 1/1 flyier for 3 mana. But it's an artifact so any built can play it and it also allows you to draw a card when it enters the battlefield.

Abnormal Endurance allows you to do some mean combat tricks, killing an opponents creature while your's will come back, for only 2 mana.
Revitalize is a new cantrip (play a card, draw a card) that gives you 3 life and a card for 2 mana.

Sovereign's Bite will drain your opponent 3 life while you get those 3 life, all for only 2 mana!

Take Vengeance provides white with the ability to destroy a creature, tough only after it attacked you (or got tapped due to anything else).

Marauder's Axe is an equipment that will five the equipped creature +2/+0 for a total of 4 mana (Play 2, equip 2). Not really overwhelming but it's more versatile than a similar, bit cheaper, enchantment.

Dwindle allows you to weaken an opponents creature and even destroy it when it decides to block one of your creatures.

Talons of Wildwood is an enchantment that will provide the enchanted creature +1/+1 and, more important, trample for 2 mana.

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