Pauper Cube: White

by Muktol on 15 September 2015

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Deck Description

The goal is to get this cube down to 60-80 cards per color.
There are some mechanics that I intentionally didn't add: Devotion, Infect Metalcraft, and Mill.

I would be happy to get suggestions on cards to add, to remove/ replace (best if you can add a little argumentation on why you would add/remove this card)

How to Play

This card stock will be used for drafting, if you combine all the colors, artifacts, lands and multicolor-cards you will get a cube with roughly 600 cards.
First comes the most important part: Making 15 card booster. The first job will be to shuffle every part of the cube to randomize it. My intention then was to add 1 card of every single color and fill the remaining 10 cards with a random mix of colors, artifacts and lands.

After you have built the boosters the drafting can begin. There are some variants but the basic one goes like this:
Every player gets 3 boosters.
Everyone opens his first booster and picks one card for his deck. The booster is passed to the player to the right side while you receive one 14 card booster from your left-side neighbor. This step is repeated until all cards from the first booster are picked.
Then the second booster will be opened. After you have taken your first pick the booster will be passed to your left neighbor this time.
When the second booster has been completely picked the third booster is opened, one card is picked and passed to your right hand neighbor again.
When all 3 boosters have been emptied you will have a 45 card pool to built your deck with. You then will have to built a 40 card deck with those cards, including lands. Most players use 15-17 lands and fill up the rest with spells. The lands are normally are provided by the organizer (50 lands per color should be enough for an 8 person draft)

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