Pauper U/B: Ninjas

by Muktol on 24 November 2022

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Deck Description

[u]Basic idea[/u]
I recently sorted through my old decks and the deck-tags used here on MTGVault, and stumbled upon my old ninja deck. Seeing that many of the cards where commons I decided to try out a pauper version.

I have tested this deck against other pauper decks. The decks I tested against are a mixture of Control and Aggro and the result are recorded in a spreadsheet. If you're interested in details from the spreadsheet, feel free to ask.

[u]Conclusions from the Tests[/u]
There are strategies that work splendid, some work OK-ish and some just don't work at all. In theory the ninjas should have enough ways to bypass an opponents defence, they just lack the power to deal serious damage. Getting a ton of carddraw doesn't really help, when you have nothing you can do with it. I did some rework, to include more [[Mukotai Ambusher]] and [[Moonblade Shinobi]], which helped a littel bit, but the deck is still missing either control elements or muscles.

I'm open to all suggestions and ideas that may help to improve this deck.

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Deck discussion for Pauper U/B: Ninjas

My usual input.
Draw is nothing without "card quality"

It's a fluid concept, but in general it's tied to versatility.

You've probably seen this list before:
2 faerie duelist
4 faerie seer
1 looter il-Kor
3 sage of Epityr
2 tandem lookout
1 echoing truth
2 gut shot
2 mutagenic growth
2 piracy charm
2 writ of Passage
7 island
2 crumbling vestige

This "half" is focussed on drawing the "right stuff" and even though this half is basically meant to improve other deckhalves it has a number of versatile cards that can be used in many ways and thus generates quality.

Your strongest move is smoke shroud and ninja's, but overall your deck contain cards only usable in really specific situations.

Posted 24 November 2022 at 18:09


From the playtesting I would say that Moonblade Shinobi and Mukotai Ambusher are the best ninjas in the deck, Moonblade Shinobi is OK, while Mistblade Shinobi was rather specific and too weak in power. The Problem is that the other Ninjas are not that much better. An option would be to replace the Mistblade with some removal or some simple unblockable creature, tough they normally also lack power.

The original deck handles the power problem using Ronin Warclub, but this isn't available in pauper.

A game against mill was a funny one, I brought a ninja on the battlefield and suddenly had 3 Smoke Shroud attached to him, tough I hadn't had any before.

Posted 25 November 2022 at 07:35


Moon-circuit hacker might feel a lot better if it gets permanent unblockability.
It's why I still use looter il-Kor, which is a value engine. It could fit into this as it could send smoke shroud to the graveyard and get something else in return for an advantage it can't get the enchantments itself, but it's still a build up. Mill can be a fun match when your have the right cards.

I've begun using writ of Passage to enable tandem lookout to attack unblocked, but it can also be put on any of the other creatures. When I got both looter and tandem things get a little complex, but I usually stop playing lands to have some throwaways.

Posted 25 November 2022 at 19:24