R/W Pauper: Equipment

by Muktol on 05 March 2015

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Deck Description

A R/W version of my monoW equipment deck.

Seeing Goblin Gaveleer in another deck, my pauper equipment deck came back into my mind.
The most changes where made to the manabase....zero nonbasics now !(I'm glad that Blood Moon doesn't work in pauper). I'm not entirely sure if I should keep Boros Guildgate, as it enters the battlefield tapped, or replace it with some Plains or Mountain's.
With Red we now have access to Galvanic Blast which can really hurt when metalcraft is active, which shouldn't be a problem with 8 artifact lands and 20 other artifacts.
On the creature side Goblin Gaveleer was added instead of Sunspear Shikari and Ardent Recruit replaced Auriok Glaivemaster.
All these changes should help to speed things up a little bit and make sure equipment gets attached on Goblin Gaveleer rather than other creatures.
Leonin Bola could be replaced with some more aggressive equipment, preferably play {1}, equip {1} and gives +X/+0.

Like many players I first looked into magic with Eight Edition/ Mirrodin tough I didn't start to seriously play and collect until Innistrad. My cardpool is limited and ,though I did discover many new cards from blocks I didn't even know, my focus lies on modern legality. Thus modern-legal cards only where used to build this deck, though it doesn't mean I'm not open to other suggestions.

For our local playgroup we decided to use the pauper ban-list and each card that is available as common in a modern-legal pauper deck. For example the Mirrodin artefact lands are legal while Rancor and Cranial Plating aren't.

This deck exists only on this site and has never been played against another deck. Regardless I'm open to all suggestions and ideas that may help to improve this deck.

How to Play

It's an "all or nothing" deck even more that it was in it's monoW version. If you loose Goblin Gaveleer due to removal or an unlucky block it will be hard to get back into the game. Your other creatures can hurt your opponent and/ or buy you some time but this goblin is really your key creature. Using spells like Apostle's Blessing or Gods Willing could add some protection but they also would remove momentum from this deck.

A good starting hand could look like this:
1-2 Great Furnace, 0-1 Darksteel Citadel, 1 Goblin Gaveleer, 1 Bone Saw, 1 Bonesplitter, 1-2 other cards preferably equipment or land
T1: Great Furnace -> Goblin Gaveleer + Bone Saw
T2: Darksteel Citadel -> Bonesplitter; equip Bone Saw and attack with Goblin Gaveleer for 4 (trample)
T3: Equip Bonesplitter and attack with Goblin Gaveleer for 8 (trample)
and so on

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