U/B: Artifact Cheats

by Muktol on 02 February 2016

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Deck Description

While looking for good blue humans for a friend's deck I stumbled upon "Arcum Dagsson". His power is only limited by the artifacts you give him to play. I decided against things like "Elbrus, the binding blade" and instead used "Door to Nothingness" in combination with "Mycosynth Lattice".
After doing some testgames I should be able to trim this deck down to 60 cards but at the moment I can't decide which card to lower in it's number or to remove.

Price before adding special lands: ~67$ (Mid value; 2016-02-02)

This deck exists only on this site and has never been played against another deck. Regardless I'm open to all suggestions and ideas that may help to improve this deck.

How to Play

"Steel Wall", "Wall of Tanglecord" (and "Myr Sire" if it can't be helped) should keep you alive until your "Arcum Dagsson" cones into play where "Mana Leak" and "Stoic Rebuttal" should keep him in play.
You then can 'cheat' in your win-options by sacrificing "Ichor Wellspring", "Mycosynth Wellspring", "Myr Sire" (or his tokens as they are colorless AND artifacts) or some of your defenders (if you don't have anything else). "Freed from the Real" helps to pull off the following in only 1 turn.
"Darksteel Forge" will prevent any of your artifacts from getting removed while "Mycosynth Lattice" delivers the mana-combination needed to finish the game with "Door to Nothingness".
"Nim Shrieker" serves as backup-plan, especially in combination with "Mycosynth Lattice"

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