U/B Halfdeck: Discard-Control

by Muktol on 18 November 2013

Main Deck (30 cards)

Sideboard (7 cards)

Sorceries (4)

Instants (3)

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Deck Description

Searching for challenges I stumbled upon wickeddarman's idea of halfdecks.
The idea behind this is to built small decks (30 cards) and fuse them with other such decks. It's important that each halfdeck could work on it's own and that you tag your deck as 'halfdeck' so that others may find proper halves to combine it with.
Basically I have seen 2 ways of building such a deck:

1.) Take a 60 card deck and split it into 2 halves of 30 cards each.
2.) Take a 60 card deck and try to filter 30 essential cards out of this deck.

Personally I like the second way better than the first because it allows you to make a good and working half and forget about the second half. It also enables you to add a small, 7 cards, sideboard.

I tried to get some of my decks working as halfdecks, one of them is 8-rack discard control (http://www.mtgvault.com/muktol/decks/ub-control-discard/).

This deck exists only on this site and has never been played against another deck. Regardless I'm open to all suggestions and ideas that may help to improve this deck.

How to Play

Essence of a U/B conrol/ discard deck.
Remove your opponents threads with discard then weaken him with Liliana's Caress and further draw/ discard spells
Evolving Wilds and Terramorphic Expanse should be replaced with appropriate duallands/ lands from the second half of the deck.

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Deck discussion for U/B Halfdeck: Discard-Control

Take a look at this beauty!
It's a relatively new legacy deck. (3rd place two times recently)
Either half will fit your u/b paindiscard:


One half features 4 thoughtseize too, so if you ever use that half just replace the 4 extra's with 4 duress or something similare.

Posted 20 November 2013 at 12:29