U/B Pauper: Equipment/Artifact

by Muktol on 22 July 2016

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Deck Description

I was searching for cards that could replace the banned "Cranial Plating" and found some of them, mostly in black. So I decided to build a modern legal deck with equipment's and black and blue creatures to carry them.

Building it:
First thing I did was to do a quick search for cards with "for each artifact you control". This provides me with some of my key-cards: "Nim Lasher", "Nim Shrieker" and "Hunger of the Nim" as finisher and "Thoughtcast" for carddraw. I also threw in "Tooth of Chiss-Goria" to increase the artifact count, though other cards may perform better here.
"Override" and "Irradiate" where put into the sideboard. I later replaced 2 copies of "Override" with "Turn Aside"
After this first rush I faced the problem that I had only 4 artifacts (8 if you count "Frogmite" which I wasn't sure about at this time), a mana-curve that peaked at 3 with only 2 cards for 2 and last, no cheap creatures to play at the moment.
To attack the first problem I added "Ornithopter", which could also serve as finisher, combined with "Hunger of the Nim" and "Steel Wall". "Training Drone" made the creature list full, this is a card I wanted to give a try to see it's potential. If it doesn't work out as expected I will remove it and up the number of "Nim Lasher" to 4.
Last I got to the equipment's where there are few good, fast ones for pauper. I decided to put the fastest and strongest into this deck to make for an all in version: "Bone Saw", "Bonesplitter" and "Leonin Scimitar". "Kitesail " was added to the sideboard to get some more evasion and "Sylvok Lifestaff" against removal heavy decks.

Like many players I first looked into magic with Eight Edition/ Mirrodin tough I didn't start to seriously play and collect until Innistrad. My cardpool is limited and ,though I did discover many new cards from blocks I didn't even know, my focus lies on modern legality. Thus modern-legal cards only where used to build this deck, though it doesn't mean I'm not open to other suggestions.

For our local playgroup we decided to use the pauper ban-list and each card that is available as common in a modern-legal pauper deck. For example the Mirrodin artefact lands are legal while Rancor and Cranial Plating aren't.

This deck exists only on this site and has never been played against another deck. Regardless I'm open to all suggestions and ideas that may help to improve this deck.

How to Play

Keep yourself alive with "Frogmite", "Ornithopter" and "Steel Wall" until you can play "Nim Lasher", "Training Drone" or better "Nim Shrieker.

"Thoughtcast" can help you to draw additional cards, to get some more equipment's or finishers into your hand.

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