U/G: Simic Advanced Deck

by Muktol on 24 February 2017

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Deck Description

Basic Idea:
The idea for this deck was a simple request of a friend that wanted to play magic. After explaining it to the first one, another joined the talk and soon it looked as I would get 2 new players for my local play-rounds. I showed him some sites on the internet where he could learn something about the colours of magic and their characteristics. I limited the number of colours per deck to one or two and he decided that Simic (U/G) would suit him.
When thinking about simic, the first thing that came into my mind was the Evolve mechanic. To keep the deck simple I didn't want to have too many mechanics/ ability's in here so Evolve as main ability's as well as some control spells , some protection and combat tricks where the things that I wanted to use.
The problem was that the deck proved to be to complicated for someone who has similar games only on the computer.

To keep this deck simple I decided to stay modern-legal even if this would only be played at the kitchen table. I also tried to stick to editions I knew I had enough cards at home to build this deck in real.

The overall budget for the more complex beginner's decks be between 48 to 52$ (Mid value).

Building it:
I started by adding some basic lands that would later get some dual-lands to stabilize the mana-base.
The first search was for creatures with the Evolve ability. 4 Cloudfin Raptor and 4
Experiment One where a solid choice to start with. 3 Elusive Krasis would make an excellent finisher and be able to push other creatures to 4 counters. 3 Fangren Firstborn and 3 Renegade Krasis would make the deck a little bit more aggressive and powerfull, Krasis able to evolve others to 3, Firstborn to 4! The last thing I wanted to add where 4 Fathom Mage for carddraw. Another option would have benn Battering Krasis with it's trample ability.
On the support side of the deck I started with 3 Bioshift, something that simply belongs into an evolve deck, and 4 Mana Leak to give the deck a little control ability. 4 Blossoming Defense where added to provide some further (I count Bioshift for that category) protection. I was a little uncertain if I should add Forced Adaptation or Unsummon. Forced Adaptation would strengthen one creature but the others wouldn't benefit from it, not very Simic-like. Unsummon on the other hand could be used to do some combat tricks, play creatures again and remove my opponents creatures. In the end I decided to go for 4 Unsummon and put Forced Adaptation into the sideboard. The last thing I added where 3 Overrun as this is a nice finisher that fits into the deck.
With about 26$ (mid value) I was able to add some duall-lands to support the double and triple mana-costs of this deck: 4 Hinterland Harbor, 3 Simic Guildgate, 4 Evolving Wilds

The sideboard features cards that I'm not completely sure for one reason or another and thus haven't used at the moment. Rancor is a great card but it's effect that let's it return to the hand might be too much for a beginner in the first games. Rune Snag is the better variant or Mana Leak but I didn't want to add an effect that would us ethe graveyard, at last not for the first games. I thought Hardened Scales would be more expensive so I didn't add it from the beginning, seeing now that it's not that expensive I will add it to the sideboard should any other card here fail to work as intended.

At the moment this deck exists only on this site and has never been played against another deck. Regardless I'm open to all suggestions and ideas that may help to further improve this deck.

How to Play

Evolve is an ability that strengthens you creatures over time. Whenever a creature you control enters the battlefield, if it's power or toughness is greater than one of your creatuers with evolve, the evolve creature gets a +1/+1 counter. For example when you have 2 Cloudfin Raptor without counters on the battlefield and Experiment One enters both Raptors will get a +1/+1 counter.
Overall this deck looks faster than it actually will be because you need some time to make your creatures really strong. It requires a good balance between offence and defence.
Cloudfin Raptor and Experiment One are your main working creatures with Fangren Firstborn and Renegade Krasis supporting them. Elusive Krasis can be a good finisher later on.
Fathom Mage, tough a weak body, will give you important card advantage to have more options in combat than your opponent might.
Bioshift allows you to save the +1/+1 counters from a creature should it get hit by a removal. If you need to protect a creature from such spells Blossoming Defense is the spell of your choice.
Mana Leak and Unsummon will give you some control over what your opponent plays and has on the battlefield.
Using Overrun will help you to finish your opponent as it strengthens all your creatures at once and gives them trample to get through his defence.

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