W/G: Selesnya Beginner's Deck

by Muktol on 27 June 2017

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Deck Description

Basic Idea:
This deck, and others of this series, is intended for first-time players. To achive this I wanted to keep the deck extra simple so that the new player can focus on getting to know the rules, tactics and understanding what's going on. The other decks of this series can be found under: http://www.mtgvault.com/muktol/simple/
Selesnya is a blend between going big and going numerous. I thus tried to use the populate mechanic here in combination with some creatures and spells that provide good tokens.

To keep this deck simple I decided to stay modern-legal even if this would only be played at the kitchen table. Lands are limited to Commons and Uncommon', no Rare's or Mythic's. Other cards are limited to Common's, Uncommon's and 1 Rare (max 4 times) per deck, no Mythic's.
Mass-strengthening-effects (+x/+x to all creatures) and too many spells with multiple effects should also be avoided.

The overall budget for the beginner's decks should be between 14 to 16$. (Mid value).

Keywords/ Mechanics in this deck you'll have to explain (Beside the basic rules):
Tokens, Flying, Vigilance, Populate, Exile, Trample, Combat Damage, Lifelink

The deck has seen some very limited use against a Dimir sacrifice deck. Both decks being rather slow the Dimir lost the first game but had a lucky hand on the other one by drawing nearly every removal and control spell it had. The combination of Griffin Guide with Doomed Traveler or Mausoleum Guard was very nice, only against unsummon spells it looses a little of it's efficiency. Horncaller's Chant was played once and proofed it's efficiency tough being a very slow/ expensive spell.

How to Play

The basic idea here is to keep you alive until you can start to use your populate-spells to copy threats and throw them at your opponent. Doomed Traveler and Call of the Conclave can help you to achive this early while serving solid copy targets later on. Druid's Deliverance can also buy you some time while copying another creature that can be used in offense or defence.
Your biggest threat are the tokens created with Horncaller's Chant and Wayfaring Temple which also gives you another option to copy your creatures.

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Deck discussion for W/G: Selesnya Beginner's Deck

I would say, swap out judgement for path, and root born for path to exile or condem. This means there is less dead time when you want to remove something and it doesn't feel bad by taking your mana. Having one big populate spell is fine. Wayfaring temple seems like it's never going to be as big as you need it to be here, I'd rather play master splicer in this spot, as it also gives you something to populate and it scales better in multiplies, kind of like temple. Id think about playing around with the carhars from shadows instead of the guard. The guard is still good though.

You don't need horncallers chant, but I guess it does makes big stuff.. If you do replace it though I'd recommend vitu gazi guildmage, it's a good mana sink and costs about the same to do something similar. Your a little weak in the air, concider Linslade, the life preserver as a 1 of for your rare, she is cheap but also good in a slower grinder deck like this.

Posted 27 June 2017 at 12:04


I opted against Rootborn Defenses because I felt that Indestructible might be to complicated and to powerful. Path to Exile is simply way out of the budget, tough Condemn is an option.
I'm not totally convinced from Mausoleum Guard. I first played around with Attended Knight but I had enough cards for the 3-mana slot and the flyer is a better target to copy than a simple 1/1 soldier. Jade Mage would also have been an option as well as Roc Egg or Tukatongue Thallid. But in the end I decided to use 3 Guards because they would provide the deck with more flying creatures, more creatures at once and a blocker that is able to take other creatures with him.
I was looking for a good, rare, creature that would work with swarm tactics while being not overly complicated. This is also one of the reasons why I didn't choose any of the splicers, Overrun, or any other mass-affecting card. It's also the reason I haven't used any of the guildmages in the other simple decks.
If you mean Linvala, the Preserver then this would be mythic card quality and thus doesn't fit due to the deck-restrictions.

Posted 27 June 2017 at 14:29