Burning Forest

by Odyssey10 on 13 March 2018

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Deck discussion for Burning Forest

Just a few questions.

Why Wild Nacatyl? It is at best going to be a one mana 2/2 and there are

Why Tarmogoyf? It is a really expensive card and with your deck it will only be at most a 3/4. I would rather do something like flinthoof boor for a two drop usually 3/3 that sometimes will have haste.

Why Manamorphose? Wouldn't you rather have a two drop than a counterable two drop cantrip?

Why Blood Braid Elf? Despite being a great four drop, your 19 lands does not support it consistently and it will just as likely hit a one drop as anything else.

Some good cards to consider are Eidolon of Great Revel, Searing Blaze, Lava Spike, Monastery Swiftspear, Molten Rain, Grim Lavamancer, Scavenging Ooze,

Some budget cards could be Ash Zealot, Narnam Renegade, Flitnthoof Boar, Rift Bolt, or even Voltaic Brawler.

Otherwise good start on a modern burn deck. I love Atarka's Command :)

Posted 13 March 2018 at 21:14


Thanks for the input, besides a couple friends this is the first time someone has commented. This is a remake of a Zoo deck I use to play in response to the unbanning of bloodbraid. In response to your questions, the primary cards you suggested would make it a burn deck and not zoo. My competive deck is Burn. The flinthoof was take out for bloodbraid. The deck plays the most efficient small creatures I could think of followed by Reckless Bushwacker. The manamorphose is a trigger for the bushwacker and another was to help get it to my hand. Manamorphode is in place of Lead the Stampede. If you have any suggestions for the side board.

Posted 13 March 2018 at 21:50