Mono Black Commander

by RoboRisu on 20 September 2022

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How to Play

A mono-black deck that..... does mono-black things.

Abuse landfall triggers with Generator, Atlas, and fetchlands while Ob Nixlis is on the board. Protect it with spells like Armor of Shadows, Butcher's Glee, Oblivion's Hunger and the like, coz it can be time consuming to re-setup all those lost +1/+1 counters. Bitterblossom gives you things to let die with Massacre Wurm, and Dreadhound & Syr Konrad will do their thang. Once you've ramped up enough with all those Swahmps, either pump your Shade creatures, OR just drop a well-timed Exsanguinate.

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  • Mono Black
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  • Budget
  • Landfall

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