Competitive Rafiq con control

by ryangreen1337 on 08 September 2014

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Rafiq with a good mix of control. Holds it's own well in 1v1 and somewhat decent in multiplayer. This is the third remodel of this deck, any opinions or comments are encouraged

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Deck discussion for Competitive Rafiq con control

I have had really good luck with Glare of Subdual in Rafiq. Since you tend to attack with only one creature anyway it always gives you a few free creatures to use to tap down other scary stuff.

I'd much rather run Supreme Verdict than Day of Judgement, especially since they're the same CMC. I personally would run Austere Command over Wrath, too, but totally reasonable arguments can be made for Wrath because it costs 2 less, so that one is probably just a matter of personal preference.

Distortion Strike is a good way to get that last alpha strike in to finish someone off, especially in 1v1. Me, I'd probably rather have a Whispersilk Cloak in that slot to keep someone from Swords to Plowsharing or whatever that creature during the alpha strike, and because it sticks around for multiple turns, etc. But as with Wrath above you may be concerned about mana, so YMMV there.

Posted 08 September 2014 at 20:05


Thanks for the recommendations. I've never seen Glare of Subdual, I'm going to give that a try. As for Supreme Verdict, I didn't really realize them having the same cmc. Only reason why Day of Judgment is included is because I had the full art promo and wanted to play with that, but I will be swapping it with my Supreme Verdict. I thought about austere command, but wasn't completely sold on it. I want to watch in it action to see what it truly has to offer for my deck. I've been back and forth between the whispersilk and distortion strike dilemma. I went with distortion strike solely for the mana ( and rebound is nice too) but I think whispersilk would have more to offer late game.

Thanks again for the comments

Posted 09 September 2014 at 03:25