Blue Orzhov

by velath on 21 March 2018

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2-1 Grixis Death's Shadow
0-2 Goblins

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  • Not Legal in Standard
  • Legal in Modern
  • Legal in Vintage
  • Legal in Legacy

Deck discussion for Blue Orzhov

Isn't blue orzhov called esper?

Posted 16 April 2018 at 15:37


Yep, just didn't want to call it that as most esper decks are mostly counter spells.

Posted 16 April 2018 at 16:01


I love affirmative control decks like this. Not sure how I feel about the 4x geist, as its a pure win condition and is legendary so it can choke you up. Plus, as its hexproof, it can't die unless opponent nukes or you chose for it to die from an attack, so the chances of choking on it early are decently high.
I'm also seeing a 1-3 drop spread problem in the curve, as you basically have no 2 drops. Perhaps fix both problems by swapping in some tidehollow sculler? Fits directly with the affirmative control theme, gives you a 2 drop follow-up that would kill after an inquisition turn 1.

Other than that this looks wonderful, nice job

Posted Wednesday at 22:00


4 Geists can be much, but my meta he is mostly he just stalls out the game keeping the game in arms race mode( but trying numbers tonight. The 1:3 spread is about 50% by design. 1: there really is no 2 drop spells in instant or sorceries that beat every 1 drop I have already. 2: I don't like having 2 drop creatures unless I have to fill a void and I have 20 1 drops. Unless I'm trying to aggro them out I Like to keep creatures at 1 or 3+ to force Fatal Push to be used at sub-opportune moments or not at all.

Posted Thursday at 19:09


Tapout Control/Tempo/Thoughtseize decks like this really get me going. I like them a lot. I would highly recommend 1 Collective Brutality in the main and one in the side. It does WORK. I'd replace a Thoughtseize with it in the main.

I also think Lingering Souls is among the strongest cards in Modern, especially in a Bloodbraid/Jace post-ban world.
It's unthinkably strong.
Speaking of Jace, the Mind Sculptor. Why not run two here? Jace and Liliana, in some weird way actually work quite well together. I'd recommend two.

I agree with @dknight27 about the 4 Geist of Saint Traft. I think I'd rather see you pull one for the 4th Spell Queller.

When it comes to Spreading Seas, as much as I love it in UW Control, I don't like it here. This is because you pair Seas with Field of Ruin and get to go HAM on really greedy manabases. But in a three colour manabase like this, I'm not sure you can support 4x FIeld of Ruin.

For Tapout decks like this, I love Vendilion Clique. It might just be my favourite Magic card though, so I might be biased.

Sweet deck. I love tapout "control" builds. Good stuff!

Posted Wednesday at 22:55


Glad you dig the list! Jace is on my list of cards to try. My V Clique is now Mia but that is also on my list. Right now I have 1 slot open. I'm going to try the Spreading Seas for a bit longer. When it works it feels so good It's a better Field of ruin. Draw value is king for me. Lingering souls has been off my radar because how I want to play the deck. I'm using a more liquid shell trying to be both tempo and draw go. Lingering for me has always been to much of a draw/go spell while the rest of the cards in the deck can do several different jobs. If it had flash though...

Posted Thursday at 19:18


If it had Flash, it would be broken! haha

Another thought could be Jace, Vryn's Prodigy. Since you aren't running any Reactive spells like Counters, his -3 could go down very well here.

Posted Thursday at 19:25


Jace, Vryn's Prodigy looks super solid. I would have to remove the 2 Snaps and both Spreading Seas, and throw in 3 Jaces and 1 More Spell Queller and then what switch the ops to thought scours?

Posted Thursday at 21:55


I'm not too sold on the Thought Scours. You only have two Tasigur and the JVP.
Nothing else you REALLY want to be putting into your graveyard. You aren't even running Lingering Souls for it.
I'd recommend Opt/Serum Visions, like you have.

Posted Thursday at 23:19