3rd gen, turn 1 glimpse.

by wickeddarkman on 22 May 2020

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Deck Description

All the major plans I had of a glimse-aggro has been dampened a bit.
In this state it's close to winning 75% of the games by turn 1 but may be difficult to pilot already.

When it fails, it fails big, which is an annoyance to me.

I will try to increase the win rate.

How to Play

I'll build up a playguide once I feel the deck is done.

Here's a primitive guideline.

Rule 1: if you can't start glimpse/beck at the opening hand, try a mulligan until you reach the third mulligan. If that failed go to turn 2.
Rule 2: never go into turn 2 unless you have glimpse and the mana in hand already, or if you're at the 3rd mulligan.

Shrieking drake draws you two cards for 1 mana with one glimpse active, and 4 cards with 2 glimpses active.

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Deck discussion for 3rd gen, turn 1 glimpse.

This deck may not win turn 1 as much but I like it better

Posted Saturday at 00:00


Frogmites had to go, they broke the flow too much

But shriekdrake is still hanging on.

The major showstopper right now is ironically cards that grant mana.

Part of using evolution is that sometimes you need to make things worse to make them better.

With the major testing of affinity parts and burn-tree shaman I managed to find out that shriek drake increases the decks performance, and that mox opal and mox diamond may be of use.

Now I can work on restructuring the mana so that the flow isn't stopped by the mana.

With a smaller number of manacards but with an improved draw engine I might try to add one more beck // call.

Posted yesterday at 16:16