5C Humans (mill immune)

by wickeddarkman on 20 September 2020

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Deck Description

This deck is a mainly a rebuild of 5C Humans 2020 by zoson.
If you upvote this, go and upvote him too :)

The major changes are within the numbers, you have to branch out keycards to avoid that mill takes them out with surgical extraction.

Direfleet daredevil is the major surprise here, use it on mind funeral and archive trap, then clone it with phantasmal image or "prince" it, to do it again. This way you will actually mill more than the average mill player.

I've also focussed a bit more on deputy of detention and charming prince as these may take out ensnaring bridge or big mill critters like vantress gargoyle or relic golem

I've also changed the sideboard a tiny bit towards the same lines.

If you are curious about mill you can search for two of my deck tags.
Wdm mill guide
Mill winter
The first one is an archive explaining how I use my own mill cards in details.
The second tag shows a variety of my own mill designs, although evolution should take the credit for building most of these.

How to Play

Go ask user zoson for the details I didn't cover :)

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  • Mill winter

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Deck discussion for 5C Humans (mill immune)

Dire fleet is a great card for a lot of different decks, not just mill

Posted 20 September 2020 at 20:53


The deck is immune to mill ;)

But I gotta admit I'm tempted to play the pirate in my own mill.

Posted 21 September 2020 at 05:29