"9-tron pauper" gen 1

by wickeddarkman on 25 May 2023

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Deck Description

This was one hell of a run. (Deck is pauper & premodern legal)

Evolution is building my deck for me, and the above result is generation one.

I must admit that I am extremely pleased already despite generation 1 being such a low number, but the current goal is to evolve it to generation 3, before I take a small detour of testing against a few pauper decks.

Because the deck already contained nightwind glider and thermal glider it was decided to see if evolution wanted to add a rebel theme, and despite the designspace being just 5 cards, evolution managed to fill 4 more rebel cards in, which
Has been an almost unbelievable experience.

1 ramosian lieutenant, 2 defiant falcon and 1 more thermal glider got added.

In addition to this, disciple of law joined the team because of it's protection and its ability to be cycled away.

The tron half of the deck was focused on gaining one more island, a second cathodion, one more chromatic sphere, one more fireball and a shoreline ranger.

The utmost interesting aspect of the entire deck is how it is shaping up to be a variant of tron with just 9 tronlands. Something only seen in a very few premodern decks from 2019 to 2021 (perhaps the Corona put a stop to those builds?)

The next stage of the project is to cut the 5 worst cards from the white half of the deck, and the 5 worst cards from the tron half of the deck.

I have absolutely no clue as to what evolution will ditch, and what it will keep, but I got a feeling that evolution might throw in some nightwind glider as the design had 4 of those at one point.

My team has also been spending some time at comming up with some ideas that we want to include if we get the room.

One of the smarter ideas have been to suggest exhume. The deck has no swamps, but it does have 4 lotus petal and 3 chromatic sphere, which could be used to cast it.
There were two reasons for adding it to the list. First of all, it's been a longterm plan to try out some focus on chartooth cougar and shoreline ranger and they could become reanimation targets alongside phyrexian hulk. A second reasoning for adding it is that the fetch rebels tend to get killed fast enough to be the only reanimate targets during the early game. Exhume would have a two stage role to play, which isn't seen very often, but it can be used this way regardless.

There are plans to follow up on the rebel theme as it's been really powerful at this primitive stage.

Counterspell and fireballs have both had a higher presence in generation zero, so those will recieve some focus as well.

A longterm plan is to also try to return wall of glare to its throne as it can be God-mode via inviolability, and has been before with cho-manno's blessing, which turned out to be less flexible than inviolability.

Both cathodion and primal clay have been really good at acting as both defence and aggression, and primal clay has been set as a 1/6 wall more times than we thought it would.

As you can see there are plenty of directions that the deck can evolve towards, but overall we have no idea what evolution will cut to make room for 10 new cards.

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